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Fact or Fiction - Iowa State

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Its time for another edition of Fact or Fiction, where I make a few statements about a particular team and a guest blogger tells us why it is fact or fiction. This week the subject is the Iowa State Cyclones and our guest is Alex from the Iowa State blog CrossCyed.

Bret Meyer is one of the Big 12's top quarterbacks.

Faction. I'm going to have to start out by waffling. Meyer has the talent to be one of the top quarterbacks in the Big 12. However, he certainly isn't playing like it. He doesn't use his legs to his advantage like he could. He also has seemingly eliminated the deep ball from his arsenal. I'd rank Chase Daniel, Graham Harrell, Zac Taylor and Colt McCoy ahead of him if we are talking about what he's done.

Stevie Hicks has been over shadowed by the trio of receivers of Jon Davis, Todd Blythe and Austin Flynn.

Fact. As he should be. I like Hicks as much as anyone, but he doesn't become valuable until later in the game, when Iowa State can start running down an opponent. No one holds a candle to Todd Blythe's talent, while Jon Davis and Austin Flynn are just solid playmakers with big play ability. Hicks doesn't have big play ability. He's Mr. Steady, but nothing special.

The Iowa State defense will struggle with stopping Oklahoma's rushing attack.

Fact. A Nebraska team without a dominant runner in the backfield ran circles around the defense. I hear Oklahoma has a dominant runner. Truth be told, the second half of the Nebraska game was the best defense we've seen all year out of the Clones. The team just doesn't force turnovers like they used to.

Iowa State 's season has been a disappointment to this point.

Fact. This team is 3-3. While we could easily be 0-6, we have been in every game, and have seemingly coached ourselves out of the Iowa and Nebraska games. It is INCREDIBLY depressing to see the talent we have on the field go to waste. Some Clone fans thought this might have been our year in the North. Now we're wondering if we can go .500.

If the Cyclones lose this game Dan McCarney can kiss his job goodbye.

Fiction. The Oklahoma game will not make or break his season. It's an expected loss at this point anyways. The end of season games against Colorado and Kansas State will likely have a greater bearing. If the Cyclones cannot handle the two doormats of the North, as I expect they might not be able to, the Clones may be looking for someone else in the winter. AD Jamie Pollard doesn't want to settle for mediocrity. I don't know why he would with the football program.

Thanks again for participating Alex. You can read more from Alex about the Cyclones at CrossCyed.