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The Sooners currently have a 3-2 record with this weekend's Iowa State game marking the halfway point of the season. There is still a lot that this team can accomplish and a good bowl game is not out of the question.

Looking at the remainder of the schedule the game that scares me the most is Missouri on the road on the 28th. Oklahoma should have a 5-2 record going into that game and hopefully the defense will have begun to develop a killer instinct by then. Its not that this defense is lacking in talent rather they are lacking head hunters, guys who will punish you for trying to move the ball on them.

When Tommie Harris was on the line quarterbacks and running backs were scared of him and it affected their play. When Roy Williams was playing safety a receiver was terrified to catch a pass over the middle because it meant that he would more than likely be looking for his helmet after the play. When Derrick Strait was playing corner a quarterback knew that if he threw to that side there was a greater chance for a pass break-up or interception than there was for a completion.

Those players are gone but talent isn't rare in Norman. Attitude is everything on defense and right now there is nothing about the Sooner defense that is striking fear in any offense. The hardest hit by a Sooner on Saturday came when Adrian Peterson knocked the helmet off of Killebrew after he returned a fumble for 30 yards.

The offense is good enough to get this team to a 10-2, 9-3 finish but the defense needs to get better! They need to get nasty and move on past the first five games of the season.