Dorial Green-Beckham Brings Just As Many Questions As He Does Answers To Oklahoma Football

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

A storm is brewing in Norman and that could either be really good or really bad for the Sooners. Already possessing a very talented, but very young, defense, Oklahoma is needing to stack offensive play makers over the next couple of seasons in order to make their expected run towards a national title.

One piece of that puzzle was added on Thursday when it was announced that Dorial Green-Beckham would be joining the football program and still has a couple years of eligibility. A 14.5 yards per reception average and 17 touchdowns in his first two seasons at Missouri is an immediate answer as to who will fill the void in Oklahoma's receiving staff. Currently Sterling Shepard is OU's most experienced receiver and while he's extremely talented the Sooners know that multiple threats are needed to be an elite offense.

It isn't the answers that are drawing Oklahoma football fans to this story though, its the questions. It doesn't take a genius to look at the kid and know that he has talent but even All-American type talent won't keep skeptics from questioning the move and wondering why. Here's a shot at answering three popular questions that I've picked up on social media today.

1) Does he fit into the offense? Well, yeah he does! He's 6-6/225, runs fast and has great hands. Of course he fits! It's not a square peg/round hole thing either. The Sooners need receivers who are more than possession guys and until this signing they only had one who had proven to be more than that. DGB absolutely fits into this offense in everything from blocking, to catching, to just making defenses look his way and respect that side of the field.

Yeah, I think he will fit in Oklahoma's offense

2) Can he play this fall? The short answer to this question is, no. Oklahoma's press release said that he would be eligible in 2015 but the Sooners do plan on filing an appeal with the NCAA in an attempt to get him cleared for this fall. It's a long-shot but worth the try. I would encourage OU fans to not get their hopes up though.

3) Has he cleaned up his act? Ah, here's the big money question. He seemed to stay in trouble during his time in Missouri and that ultimately led to his dismissal from the team. There's no doubt that DGB has been issued the "No Tolerance" warning from Bob Stoops and the Oklahoma coaching staff. "Dorial understands the privilege and responsibilities of representing the Oklahoma football program," Stoops said on Thursday. There's no doubt that one issue with this kid and he'll be launched.

Perhaps its Jay Norvell and his connection to the young men that he coaches, but Stoops and the Sooners seem to have a soft spot for troubled receivers. There's a pretty long list of guys who didn't survive being on a short leash in Norman and then there are guys who have overcome their self imposed obstacles and have become success stories.

"There are people here who will help me build a strong foundation," DGB said on Thursday. "I've disappointed myself and others in the past. I know that I have a lot of work to do and I'm ready to get started. OU is a great program and I feel privileged to be part of it. The university has made the expectations clear and I want to live up to them and be a positive part of the campus and team."

Has he cleaned up his act? Well time will tell but just based off his, and the coaches, statements it seems like he may be on the right track.

I guess the only question left is, how do you feel about Dorial Green-Beckham landing in Norman? Sound off in the comments section below and cast your vote in the poll.

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