CCM's 2014 College Football Preseason Top 25 | 10-6

Christian Petersen

We're moving into the Top 10 and one of us is making an over the top statement about the Baylor Bears

# Matt Rich
10 Georgia Stanford
9 South Carolina Baylor
8 Baylor UCLA
7 Ohio State Ohio State
6 Michigan State Michigan State

Matt: We're pretty solid on 10-6 with pretty much the same team but in different order. One team we haven't talked a lot about yet is Baylor. I have them one notch ahead of you but we both think they are capable of a Big XII championship repeat though, right?

Rich: With Bryce Petty and a receiving corps led by Antwan Goodley, the Baylor Bears tout the best returning offense in the nation. The only problem I see standing between them and another conference championship is the shake up along the offensive line.

With that said, I simply cannot see them posing a real threat for the Oklahoma Sooners and the conference crown.

Matt: Seriously? The best returning offense in the nation? I strongly disagree! They've lost three of five starting offensive linemen and while I'm high on Shock Linwood the losses of Glasco Martin and Lache Seastrunk can't be overlooked. The loss of Tevin Reese could play a big factor next season as well. I'm a Bryce Petty fan but I'm pretty sure that Jameis Winston and the FSU Seminoles will be the first in a long line of teams that would want to tomahawk chop you for that statement. Winston may even crack a crab leg over your head.

Rich: I can't refute the argument against the offensive line as we both pointed that out as a glaring issue. However, Baylor's offense ranked far ahead of Jameis Winston and the Seminoles in rushing as well as passing last season (and I haven't even thrown out the idea that the ACC is a weaker conference than the Big 12). In addition, the Bears are loaded at RB with the aforementioned Linwood as well as Devin Chafin and two freshmen.

Stepping up into the role vacated by Reese is a ready and willing Goodley. If a team chooses to game plan against him, I believe that Petty is a solid distributor capable of spreading the ball around to others like Levi Norwood and Corey Coleman. Regardless, you have to respect what Art Briles has built in Waco and currently there is nothing that says he won't find replacements sooner rather than later.

Matt: I absolutely respect Briles and what he has done at Baylor. I was scared to death at the rumors that he might leave for Texas. Can you imagine what he could do with their resources?

That said, you're way overstating their offense for this fall. They'll be good but there's just too many question marks at this point to tab them as the best returning offense. The fact that you're dipping into the depth chart to find freshmen and second team guys from last year just validates the point.

The best returning offense, in my opinion, is Auburn. But we'll get more into a conversation about them tomorrow.

Rich: So we're agreeing that FSU lacks the offense of a few other squads...

Matt: If by, "a few" you mean Auburn...then yes.

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