What The San Francisco 49ers Should Know, Now That They've Drafted FB Trey Millard

Tom Pennington

Everyone wanted to see Millard with the ball in his hands more often

"A versatile jack-of-all-trades, Milllard brings the most value as a core special-teams contributor. Is best suited for a role as a fullback in a matchup-based offense where he could fill a variety of roles." -Nolan Nawrocki (NFL.com)

Trey Millard's knee injury in October all but guaranteed that he'd be a steal by someone in the NFL draft. Not fully recovered yet, Millard's stock was sure to drop and there would be a team just waiting for him at a bargain price. That team ended up being the San Francisco 49ers and they now own the rights to one of the most versatile players in this year's draft.

Millard lined up at fullback, running back, and tight end during his Sooner career and was a regular member of the special teams as well. A jack of all trades, if you will, he averaged 5.5 yards per carry and 9.7 yards per reception as a four-year starter at Oklahoma.

A guy that every Sooner fan wished had the ball put in his hands more often, some of his best plays came on his bone-crushing blocks. Don't let that fool ya though, many a defensive backs have paid the price for trying to bring him down via a solo tackle as well.

He scored thirteen career touchdowns as a Sooner.






Career Moment 10-13-12

In Oklahoma's 63-21 blowout win of the Texas Longhorns in 2012, Millard took a short pass from quarterback Landry Jones and turned it into a spectacular 73-yard play in which he hurdled one Texas defender while simultaneously delivering a vicious stiff arm to another. It was the longest reception of is Oklahoma football career.


Body Size And Speed

Millard has the prototypical size of a fullback and above average speed. He's a load to bring down and a punishing blocker who can lead running backs up the middle or to the edge.


He can line up in a number of positions and be successful. His athleticism allows him to be a blocker, runner, or passing target and a defensive coordinator must respect him in all three aspects.


Outside of the knee injury his senior year, Millard was durable at Oklahoma. He's a load to bring down when he has the ball in his hands, and he has the strength to take out linebackers and defensive backs as a lead blocker.


Slow Acceleration

While he has decent speed it does take him a bit to reach his high-end. He won't be putting distance between himself and defenders in a foot race.

Not Shifty

Millard was known to hurdle defenders multiple times, because most try to tackle him low, but he's not going to shift to make anyone miss. He's a straight runner who will either go through defenders or be pulled down by them.


He's still not 100% healthy from the knee injury that he suffered in late October but will be worth waiting on.

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