Bracket Breakdown | NCAA Tournament Thoughts And Predictions For The Big Twelve

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How far will Scott Drew and the Baylor Bears make it into the tournament?

The Big XII may have been the deepest basketball conference in the country but it sure didn't get a whole lot of love when it came to tournament match ups. With seven teams in the dance, the conference could very easily go down in flames during the second round. Of course it is called March Madness because literally anything could happen (except for a #16 seed beating a #1) but the reality is out of the ordinary isn't really all that ordinary. Does the Big Twelve have a Cinderella? I don't think so. Here are a couple of other things that I think as wel...

Team most likely to get bounced in the first round - Kansas State: The #9 Wildcats are up against a #8 Kentucky team, that is having a down year at 24-10, in the opening around of the Midwest Region. Kentucky tied with Georgia for the second best record in the SEC and then played the Florida Gators to within a point in the conference tournament. They're going to be a tough, tough draw for Kansas State.

Most difficult opening round game to predict - #7 Texas vs. #10 Arizona State, in the Midwest: ASU scores an average of 75 points per game and shoots 45% from the floor. Texas scores and average of 74 points per game and shoots 43% from the floor. Both schools have been found guilty this season for playing way above their heads and for mentally checking out of some games as well.

Easiest path to the Final Four - #3 Iowa State in the East: The Cyclones shouldn't even be challenged until the Sweet 16 when they'll most likely face Villanova. If they can move past the Wildcats then I think #4 Michigan State is all that will be between them and the Final Four. Sparty ain't easy but its a whole lot better than Florida, Louisville, or Arizona.

Big XII NCAA Tournament Predictions

Six Teams Advance To The Second Round - Sorry Kansas State but I gotta stick to my guns about Kentucky. The Big XII has an incredible opening round by going 6-1, including one of the best games of the 32 when Texas edges Arizona State.

There Will Be No Bedlam In The Sweet 16 - It would be awesome to see happen but let's face reality here, Oklahoma State isn't deep enough to beat Arizona in the round of 32 and this year's version of San Diego State is better than the team that bounced Oklahoma last year.

Baylor's Post-Season Surge Ends Abruptly - The Bears are on a collision course with unheralded Creighton in the second round. It won't be the team from Nebraska that gets them in the first round, it'll be the team from Nebraska that get's them in the second round.

Only Two Big Twelve Schools Will Make It To The Sweet 16 - OSU gets bounced by Arizona, OU by SDSU, Baylor by Creighton, and Texas by Michigan in the second round.

The Kansas Jayhawks Will Make The Deepest Run Into The Tournament - I don't think Iowa State will get past `Nova in the Sweet 16 but I do see the Jayhawks winning a third-round match up against Syracuse. Crazy, huh? Unfortunately for Kansas it'll put them up against Florida in the Elite Eight and that's where the Big Twelve's run will come to an end.

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