CCM's College Football Top 25 | How Much Should Georgia Be Punished?

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The Bulldogs fell to Clemson in the season opener. Does that mean they should plummet in the polls?

After coming to an agreement as to who should be in the #1 spot this week, we've decided to agree to disagree on the fate of the Georgia Bulldogs this week. After falling 38-35 at Clemson last week, Georgia was destined for a drop in the polls. Exactly how far they should drop is the point of contention and Rich and I are once again on opposite ends of the spectrum.

Rank Rich Last WK Rank Matt Last WK
1 Alabama (1-0) 2 1 Alabama (1-0) 1
2 Clemson (1-0) 5 2 Oregon (1-0) 2
3 Ohio St (1-0) 1 3 Ohio St (1-0) 3
4 Oregon (1-0) 7 4 Clemson (1-0) 7
5 Stanford (0-0) 4 5 S. Carolina (1-0) 5
6 S. Carolina (1-0) 6 6 Georgia (0-1) 4
7 Louisville (1-0) 8 7 Stanford (0-0) 6
8 Texas A&M (1-0) 10 8 Texas A&M (1-0) 8
9 LSU (1-0) 12 9 Florida (1-0) 9
10 Florida (1-0) 9 10 Florida St (1-0) 10
11 Florida St. (1-0) 13 11 Louisville (1-0) 11
12 Oklahoma St. (1-0) 11 12 Notre Dame (1-0) 12
13 Oklahoma (1-0) 14 13 LSU (1-0) 13
14 Michigan (1-0) 16 14 Oklahoma St (1-0) 14
15 Texas (1-0) 17 15 Oklahoma (1-0) 15
16 Notre Dame (1-0) 19 16 Texas (1-0) 16
17 Georgia (0-1) 3 17 Michigan (1-0) 17
18 UCLA (1-0) 20 18 Wisconsin (1-0) 19
19 Washington (1-0) N/R 19 UCLA (1-0) 20
20 Wisconsin (1-0) 25 20 Michigan St. (1-0) 22
21 Northwestern (1-0) 21 21 USC (1-0) 25
22 USC (1-0) 22 22 Nebraska (1-0) 21
23 Nebraska (1-0) 15 23 TCU (0-1) 18
24 Baylor (1-0) N/R 24 Baylor (1-0) N/R
25 TCU (0-1) 18 25 Northwestern (1-0) N/R

Obviously there are multiple spots where we disagree but Georgia is the main point of emphasis. My thought is that Clemson is really good and may be the ACC's best chance at a BCS championship since Florida St. in 2000. Obviously Georgia is pretty good as well, but just how good they are has yet to be determined. The Bulldogs have a shot at redemption this Saturday against South Carolina. Should they win that game then they absolutely should remain in the Top 10. However, if they start the season 0-2 then they should make the free fall.

Rich has taken the other approach by dropping Georgia immediately, but ultimately we both feel the same way about the S.C. game.

Matt: How many teams do you have ranked ahead of Georgia do you think would lose to the Bulldogs head-to-head?

Rich: A handful honestly. Here's what went into me ranking them at #17. They are in the SEC, which plays into a high ranking, but the general notion is that they are consistently over ranked.

Matt: So you've got some anti-SEC feelings affecting your votes? (Second week in a row this topic has come up)

Rich: As much as I hate the SEC and would love to see them fail, let's be honest, they are the best conference in the nation. To answer your question, yes. However, consider how weak the ACC has been and realize that an ACC team had their way with an SEC defense.

Matt: So if the Bulldogs take down South Carolina this week, how far will you move them back up?

Rich: I'd put them up at around #10, as I do believe they are an SEC contender, but any further up would be dependent upon movement by other teams.

There you have it. Tell us what you would do with Georgia, and where else you disagree with our polls.

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