Which Game of Thrones character best represents Big 12 teams? Yeah, I'm ripping this idea off

I saw an interesting article over at one of the Longhorn boards comparing Big 12 teams to GOT characters. Unbelievably the author said OU was Cersei Lannister. Cersei? Really? Cersei is a character that has no real power whatsoever....OU has won the Big 12 more often than not. So clearly OU isn't Cersei. I decided I'd CORRECT the assessment provided over at the mistaken Longhorn board, which I will not name. On to the fun.

Oklahoma - Clearly OU is Gregor Clegane. Gregor is the most powerful and feared warrior in all of Westeros. He's not a defensive fighter, he is strictly an "attack, attack, attack" type warrior, much like OU with it's powerful offense and mediocre defense the last few years.

OSU - Sandor "The Dog" Clegane . He is the Mountain's little brother, much like OSU is OU's little brother. He is pretty powerful in his own right and feared by almost everyone in Westeros, similar to the way most of the Big 12 fears OSU...but his big brother is a little bit tougher.

KSU - Tyrion Lannister - A great wit and likeable character....reminds me of old man Snyder up in the Little Apple. He doesn't have a great deal of physical ability, so he relies on his intellect to even the field.

Texas - Joffrey Baratheon The spoiled leader of Westeros, similar to Texas being the spoiled leader of the Big 12. As Texas has few achievements in recent years on the field, Joffrey hasn't achieved much since becoming king, except for throw temper tantrums and demand special treatment. Joffrey is very powerful due to being king, but he's a vain, stupid fool and too cowardly to stand and fight in big battles.

TCU - Peter "Littlefinger" Baelish - Like TCU to the Big 12, Baelish is a relative newcomer to the High Council. Baelish, like Patterson, has great intellect and has the capability of turning the tables on any political foe.

Texas Tech - Theon Greyjoy - Theon is the definition of mediocrity, much like Tech. Theon thought he was a badass after "conquering" Winterfell, but was ultimately betrayed by his own father who let him remain a captive after he was captured by Ramsay Bolton. Much like Tech betrayed Mike Leach.

Iowa State - Arya Stark - There is much to admire about Arya. She's spirited and scrappy. Unfortunately she is still a small fish in the world. She has a great deal of potential, but ultimately she's just a little girl in over her head.

WVU - Hodor - WVU, like Hodor, isn't very smart. They joined a league that was, well, out of their league. WVU crashed and burned in every sport that mattered in it's first year in the Big 12.

Baylor - Daenerys Targaryen (Mother of Dragons) - Baylor, like Daenerys, has been wandering in the wilderness for a long time. However also like Daenerys, Baylor has marshalled it's strength recently and is a new power in the world (of college football!).

Kansas - Hot Pie - With Charlie Weis at the helm, who else could I pick?

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