OU Baseball | Is Sunny Golloway Looking For Greener Pastures?


Less than a week removed from a Super Regional loss to LSU, Oklahoma head coach Sunny Golloway could be looking for greener pastures according to multiple reports.

First, the tweet below from Baseball America's Aaron Fitt who first got the rumor mill started prior to the Sooners even starting their series in Baton Rouge last weekend.

Now, this report from SoonerScoop.com which states according to their sources Golloway and his family are visiting Auburn this weekend.

The choice details from the SoonerScoop.com story are two-fold in that this appears to be Golloway initiating the contact between he and Auburn as opposed to vice versa.

But a source close to the Auburn administration tells SoonerScoop.com, Golloway is the one who initiated the contact with the Tigers, not the other way around.


Another source close to Golloway tells SoonerScoop.com Golloway is looking into the opening at Auburn because he is not satisfied with the commitment from the OU administration regarding upgrades to L. Dale Mitchell Park.

So, here is the question. Is this simply (1) a bit of a power play on Golloway's part to try and get a pay raise from Oklahoma and/or (2) a move on his part to force even more renovations to L. Dale Mitchell Park?

Per the University of Oklahoma. Mitchell Park has undergone the following renovations:

Originally constructed at a cost of $1.27 million, recent renovations totaling over $2 million have improved both the team and fan experience at the stadium.

The first phase of the renovation was completed during the 1998 season and included an upper concourse and additional restrooms and concession stands. Prior to the 2002 season, the press box underwent state-of-the-art improvement and expansion. VIP suites and a disability-accessible elevator were also added.

OU added a practice facility prior to the 2009 season including a regulation-size natural grass infield and a 5,160 square-foot indoor hitting facility. The building contains three full-size pitching and hitting lanes and is heated and air conditioned. The addition covered 22,500 square feet of existing ground down the left-field line adjacent to the Sooner bullpen.

The ballpark received a new video and scoreboard in left field in 2009, and new chair back seats were added prior to the 2011 and 2012 seasons. Also in 2012, a new warning track was installed as well as field turf in the foul territory around the infield.

Now no one here is under any impression to the contrary that there will be a decent portion of Sooner Nation who are excited by this possibility of Golloway taking another job. Despite a pretty successful track record during his time in Norman, Golloway has certainly had his share of detractors amongst not only OU fans but former players as well.

Whether anything comes of this or not, it's certainly an interesting development for an OU Baseball program coming off another postseason appearance and a young but talented squad returning in 2014.

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