Landry Jones Will Be a First Round Pick Starter. Its not the Traits its the Numbers.

Landry Jones will shock every one and be a first Round Pick today!!!!!! Here is why... IF being successful in College Football doesn't matter anymore as far as where you are drafted then why even play it? We should just let the talking head Armchair experts pick who will be successful based on what traits they have.. But I say If your traits don't translate to completed passes, yards,first downs , TD's,Scores and wins in college then how are they going do that in the NFL..Inversely if your flaws don't hinder you from being successful then they wont in college as well. This new thinking that traits that best determine success is more important than actual success playing in college has led Landry Jones to be the most under rated QB's ever. Landry has had one of the best 4 year careers in NCAA history averaging 4000 plus yards and 30 TD's a year for 4 years. Landry threw for 16647 yds and 123 TD's with a 39-11 record winning 3-1 bowl game record and two conference championships. Landry set all the passing records at OU, and in the Big12 (who has had 7 1st round QB's in the last 6 years) and Landry is the 3rd all time leading passer in NCAA history in yards completions and attempts. Landry Completed 63.5% of his 2184 attempts, that is one of the strongest completion percentages because of the higher number of throws. Landry played in a BCS conference and against a lot of top 25 teams

So how then is Jones considered to be 3-6th round QB and ranked 4th-10th in a week class?? Analyst say that Landry " folds under pressure, makes mistakes at big moments, lacks pocket presence, cant win the big game, Lacks something in his competitive make up , isn't mobile enough, leveled off early and never developed, had a disappointing Senior year" If hear these statements you must think that they are true, but then you examine them closely and you see that they are over blown subjective opinions that way off.. OU has the most successful football program of all time, with 14 straight years of 10 win plus seasons in a row they have expectations that are higher than most. The Standard for Success at OU and in College football is perfection. Even though Landry Jones was the one of the most successful QB's to ever play at OU he never meet the perfection standard that Bradford did of an Undefeated Season and a shot at the National Championship.. So therefor it was Landry's fault that they lost a few big games and so he sucks.. The national Media picked up on this and ran with it and the knocks on Landry being bad a pressure and not winning the big one stuck even though both are contradicted by the numbers.

FIRST THE SUCKS AT PRESSURE CLAIM: Landry threw the ball more than any other QB in this draft by far.. 700 passes more than Geno Smith and 1400 passes more than EJ Manuel.. Landry had way more opportunities to be pressured and make mistakes when pressured.. So then you would expect Landry to have a ton of Interceptions and Sacks and really Suck at 3rd down conversions Landry only threw 52 Interceptions and was sacked only 54 times.. That is one Interception and Sack per 42 passes.. Then only person who has a lower int ratio is Geno Smith, but smith has 79 Sacks.. So are Landry's mistakes outside of the statistical norm for all QB's No.. Landry Has something that is better than dealing well with pressure and that is Avoiding it.. Jones averages 2.44 Sec Snap to release and makes quick decisions and has the arm to drop deep and throw completions with accuracy..

JONES CANT WIN THE BIG ONE: Jones won 39 big ones and only lost 11 games in 4 years.. All games are Big at OU when you expect 13-0.. Wining 3 bowl games and beating Texas three times and OSU twice and Nebraska Jones Beat RG3, Tannehill, Weedon, Geno Smith and Ej Manuel in head to head games... Some of the losses came against some really good teams Like #1 Notre Dam and KSU, and Texas A&M .. and Landry performed well in the Losses.. Landry threw for over 400 yds in two losses and 290-356 in 4 more at higher completion rates..

JONES LEVELED OFF EARLY IN HIS CAREER: Jones sophomore season he thew 619 passes for 4700 yards and 38 TD's at 65% only 13 INTs The Sooners Went 12-2 winning the Fiesta Bowl.. Only the top 10 QB's in the NFL reach this level of over 4k yards and 30 plus touchdowns. How can you do any better than this??.. 2011 Jones dropped to 29 TD's and 4400 yards but on only 561 attempts.. 2012 4267 yards and 30 td's on 555 attempts.. This isn't regressing it's performing at a top level for a long time this is consistency. This is what it means to be the best.. OU defense got worse and was on the field longer and Jones Got Less attempts and a few less yards..

No body is calling Payton Manning a 'crappy" QB because he Lost in the first round of the Playoffs by throwing an INT after winning 13 games and throwing for 4600 yards... NFL teams will see what I see and will have Landry higher on their board and he will end up going in the first round.. Going on about "traits" of players may make you sound like your smart but those traits either translate to success or they don't.. Saying some guy who has a loosing record and never completed over 60% of their passes is better than someone who won all their games and completed 64% of their passes is really stupid.. To those who say Stats don't matter you scout the player.. I say the Numbers are the player.. Stats are a cumulative representation of what you see on film.

Jones is a player of High Character and is very smart and Hard Working. Jones did make aggressive mistakes like not giving up on plays and not checking down enough, but that can be coached and fixed.. He will be one of the best Proving the Lewin Career Forecast right just like Russell Wilson did...

J. Scot Hickerson

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