A loss to Kansas wouldn't have hurt

Now let's be clear. In no way, shape, or form do I condone the act of Oklahoma losing to a team on the level of the Kansas Jayhawks.

Jerseys would have been burned, the Sports Animal would have to buy a new phone system for the amount of enraged, drunken callers, relationships would have been ended; it would have been horrific.

However, losing to Kansas would not have been the worst thing in the world.

First off, let's say Kansas is competent enough to sustain their lead for four quarters. And well, imagine a world where Oklahoma pulls off an incredible comeback against their rivals from Austin and is undefeated heading in to this game.

That loss would have been massive and left Sooner Nation in disarray.

However, Oklahoma's blemish they received a week prior to their game with Kansas was an indicator OU needs changed. But did OU really get that change they needed?

The play-calling appeared to be untampered in the first quarter. Though, fans did see a beautiful LaColtan Bester pass to Sterling Shepard, which I am not convinced was called by the coaches, but rather the players taking a stand to the ineffective plays getting them nowhere against a lackluster Jayhawk squad.

Whatever the case, OU still has their kinks. A lot of that lies in a depleted defense, and it would appear two guys out of eleven can make a huge difference.

Here is the thing, though.

Heupel as a quarterback coach? Great. He's been in big games, won on the biggest stage of them all, and is still respectively young.

As an offensive coordinator? Not so much.

The glaring problem is the play-calling. Unless OU is facing a piss-poor defense (see Tulsa), Oklahoma isn't beating down any teams.

Take the 34-0 win over Louisana-Monroe for example. Not to compare coordinators, but that's a team Kevin Wilson beats by 70.

Of course, the quarterback situation was different, OU should plow through teams like ULM, Tulsa, and Kansas with no hassle.

However, Heupel will often go away from what works, like running the ball. Now, a week ago after the Texas game, it would have been fair to say Heupel and Bob Stoops aren't open to try anything. However, that Bester pass to Shepard was so uncharacteristic of this team.

Side note: it is really sad Oklahoma needed a trick play to move the ball against Kansas.

Anyway, the other big problem is utilization. Oklahoma has three tailbacks they won't have next year. One of them being Roy Finch.

Not to beat a dead horse, but WHY ISN'T ROY FINCH GETTING MORE TOUCHES?!

It's obvious he can take care of the ball and still pick up decent yardage. Speaking of which, bye bye to Keith Ford for some time after that fumble.

Back on topic, though, it is just mind-blowing why the coaches are not willing to give certain guys chances.

Personally, the two-quarterback system is not ideal, but if Trevor Knight has the wheels to turn up field and move the chains, why not give him a package?

Bell does not do a horrible job running the ball by any means. While the Belldozer can easily shake off tackles, Knight evades them almost just as well.

It is easy to see from the point of the view of the coaches. It is a very conservative mindset, and while they do not want Bell to believe they have lost confidence in him, it would not be the worst thing in the world if the coaches pushed Bell to play to a higher level by putting Knight back in contention for the starting job.

At the end day, though, not much of this will be changed. Oklahoma will take its 34-19 victory and prepare for Texas Tech like they prepare for every team.

Match-up wise, the Red Raiders play a style OU's defense is used to seeing. However, losing to Kansas would not have been the worst thing in the world.

A coaching change at offensive coordinator would have been way more plausible. Blake Bell would be clawing for his starting position as Knight and Kendall Thompson would have become more attractive. Also, the intimidation factor of Oklahoma would have been completely lost.

The Sooners have not been a scary team for some time. A loss to Kansas, though, would have just made it completely apparent.

Oklahoma has coasted, and while it would be unfair to say this team plays with too much confidence, OU needs to forget about the past and realize no game is given.

That was clear after a loss to Texas that everyone marked down as a win in early September.

It was more apparent after Kansas went up 13-0 on the Sooners in the first fifteen minutes.

Changes are necessary, Sooner Nation. And while it would have arguably been the most humiliating two weeks in the Bob Stoops era, losing to KU could have solved some problems.

Though, for now, fans are more than likely stuck with this team for the rest of the year, and hopefully will not have to suffer what Texas went through the past few years who are just now figuring out you can not cling on to coaches that aren't putting the team in a winning position.

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