Oklahoma 69, Florida A&M 13: Post-Game Quotes

Sept 8, 2012; Norman OK, USA; Oklahoma Sooners head coach Bob Stoops discusses play with Oklahoma Sooners defensive back Jesse Paulsen (42) against Florida A&M Rattlers during the second quarter at Gaylord Family - Oklahoma Memorial Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Richard Rowe-US PRESSWIRE

The Sooners moved to 2-0 on the season Saturday night with a 69-13 thumping of Florida A&M. Here's some of what the coaches and players had to say after the game.

"A lot guys make plays, of course, Damien Williams had a big night. Some new guys, Trey Metoyer, Sterling Shepard, did some great things. Justin Brown was great again, returning and getting the big, deep ball. So anyway, it was more consistent." - Bob Stoops

"I'm disappointed in a couple really bad penalties. One killed the drive. Similar to a week ago, we're getting down in scoring position and we have a penalty that we need not have that destroys the drive. The other one could have. A couple turnovers, again we've got to correct that and take better care of the football." - Bob Stoops

"He (Tony Jefferson) just has an ankle sprain. They don't feel it's that significant at this point. They actually just rested him more. If it was a tighter, tougher game he could have probably played but we didn't feel we needed to do that." - Bob Stoops

"I thought Landry did some positive things, made some critical plays in third down situations. We were a lot more efficient tonight. We weren't in a ton of third-and-shorts, either, so that was a positive from us. Our protection was pretty good throughout the night. I thought Blake [Bell] had some mechanic things that he has to continue to work through to be as efficient as he needs to be." - Josh Heupel

"I thought we played pretty well if you take out the one big play, and that was disappointing. We had a breakdown in, obviously, our coverage. We had a breakdown at the line of scrimmage. We lost our man and we didn't rotate properly in the back end and that compounded. Our safety went the wrong way and got mixed up in which way we were rotating in the secondary. We didn't have a deep middle player. We made a couple of mistakes on way play that cost us a touchdown. It is a great learning situation. But again, overall very pleased with our coverage and pressure all night." - Mike Stoops

"Anybody could have ran through that hole with the line blocking the way they were. Trey Millard made a good block on the safety, so anybody could have done it. I had to turn my speed up to finish through, but it went as planned." - Damien Williams

"It was just a better game. Everybody felt like it flowed smoother tonight. The offense did a lot of good things. You can not say enough about Damien Williams, of how hard he is running and how he is protecting the ball. The offensive line did a great job opening up for him." - Landry Jones

"I think it was just people staying in their gaps for the most part. We still have some things that we need to clean up. For the most part, they ran the same kind of plays that UTEP ran. I think it was just us being better and a little more focused this week." - R.J. Washington

"I felt like we played pretty good. I haven't gotten a chance to watch film yet. I mean from the stats it's seems like we played pretty well. I mean as far as changes, we didn't really make any changes, we really emphasized communicating more this week at practice. Some of the busts that happened last week at UTEP just were communication more than anything. I felt like we did good talking today." - Aaron Colvin

"It felt good, I was excited. I haven't played in front of a big crowd in a while. I was excited and it was intense. My energy was flowing. I kind of had to slow my roll for a minute but as I got going I felt better during the game." - Trey Metoyer

"Assignment sound -- a bunch of plays tonight picked up. They threw a lot of pressures at us, up the middle and down the edge. We made some adjustments and when we picked everyone up, got to the guys we ID'd, there were some big holes and our backs took advantage of it." - Gabe Ikard

"I felt like we had a little more stuff in this week. We kind of took the training wheels off the younger guys and off of Justin [Brown] we kind of had some more big plays to go out and get and we did." - Kenny Stills

"I went to the middle and Landry Jones saw me, I saw the ball whistling so I knew I had to get it. It was a relief I got the first one out of the way. Hopefully there are plenty more to come. I thought of my dad when I caught it." - Sterling Shepard

"I thought I did okay. It was my first time on defense, so just getting used to the speed of a live game is different. I still have some stuff to work on though." - Jesse Paulsen

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