OU Football Recruiting - Sooners Back In The Mix For Five Star Running Back?

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Are the Sooners back in the mix for five star running back Greg Bryant?

When five star 2013 running back, Greg Bryant, decommitted from Oklahoma back in July OU fans were understandably disappointed. At the time, Bryant was the Sooners' highest rated verbal commitment and was on the cusp of receiving that fifth star. It wasn't as devastating as it could have been given the fact Oklahoma also held (and still does) a commitment from another talented running back in Texas product, Keith Ford.

That said, losing your most highly regarded commit is obviously never a good thing. While, by all accounts, Bryant and Oklahoma parted on good terms, there was very little reason to believe the two would ever rekindle their relationship despite comments from Bryant that the Sooners were "still in it."

Now, however, it may appear that pessimism on the part of OU fans might (stress, might) have been a tad premature. According to a story from ESPN's Sooner Nation ($) and Bob Przybylo, Bryant spoke recently with Oklahoma running backs coach Cale Gundy. The two developed a very good relationship during his recruitment which played a major role in what was at the time Bryant's surprising commitment to the Sooners.

"It was kind of shocking to hear from him again," Bryant said. "All those memories started coming back to me. It was great talking with him (Gundy) again."

Bryant also spoke about his decision to decommit and reaffirmed that it wasn't a negative reflection upon Oklahoma or their coaching staff, but simply a case of Bryant wishing to re-evaluate all of his available options.

"I just had to continue to see what else is out there," Bryant said. "That was the only reason. I don't have any hard feelings or bad things to say about OU or the coaching staff."

Most importantly, Bryant confirmed that after speaking with Gundy he plans to use one of his five official visits to take in a game in Norman. He has yet to make any official plans, so there is always the chance it does not happen, but even the fact he's talking about doing so provides OU fans with a glimmer of hope.

Now it should be said, what was believed to be the primary reason for his decommitment in the first place, distance, certainly has not changed. Last time I checked, Norman wasn't any closer to Florida than it was back in July. There are still plenty who believe Bryant is destined for SEC, even after his recent comments. Georgia, Auburn, and South Carolina are still the schools mentioned most frequently, but Florida State has also entered the picture most recently as well. Of course a lack of potential suitors was never the issue with Bryant.

While this news is certainly positive for OU fans, especially given the previously lack of all hope, it is far from anything even remotely resembling a commitment. If the Sooners can actually get him back to campus again who knows what might happen, but at this point expectations need to be kept firmly in check.

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