Thoughts as I get off of the Ledge

This is an attempt at rational thoughts. I have perched on the the ledge for almost 48 hours, jumping seemed like the thing to do. But the realization that all jumping would accomplish is no more me, and Saturday still happened, finally hit this afternoon. I carefully avoided listening to any talk radio up here in KC today, I am sure it would have been brutal. Instead, after work I found things to do with power tools, hammers and saws. And I started thinking.

1. Everyone wants Bell to replace Jones. But do we really know he is better? Nope. We know he does the Belldozer better than anyone else. That is it. Yes, I see the fire he seems to display in the moments he gets to do the little gadget play (more on that in a minute), but will that fire still be there in the face of controversy? I don't know. Nobody does right now. This is a team that is currently 2-1. The season isn't over. It is bleak and hope has faded, and we got beat by K-State at home. But it isn't over. Not that anyone here has a choice in the matter, but if we did, we could either stick with Jones and the flashes of good mixed with really bad, or go with Bell and no one knows what that brings. My point is that in order for Bell to succeed, he is going to have to do more than punch it in from somewhere inside the 5. We know he can do that. But you have to get to the 5 for that to work, and we don't know if he can do that.

2. This is going to be controversial. I want Stoops to put the Belldozer away. Not for good. But away. It was cool at first, we couldn't get in the end zone and we pulled this little play out and created a phenomenon. But this year we have Whaley back, Williams, Finch...and if I am Damien Williams and I run 30 yards to get my team into scoring position, then you bring in someone else to punch it in...well first I would probably try to run faster so I just scored, but then give me a freaking chance to score. Pull out the Belldozer as a special play.

3. On Stoops. If he goes...then who? I saw the posts with the Louisville guy and LA Monroe coach. But do you really think that is going to be better? A wholesale change is going to be better? Coaching changes usually mean big changes, a lot of times they don't work. We know, K-State knows...but we also know what it is like to hit that home run, we have that guy right now, or we had him. Is it too late for him to pull it back together? It's close. I mentioned firing Stoops to a group that included K-State, KU, Mizzou, and Notre Dame fans, they all looked at me like I was crazy. Well...I was on a ledge for 48 hours so the argument could be made.

4. Abandon nationwide recruiting, or whatever plan we have right now and go back to local guys and Texas. Bill Snyder makes his living off of local guys that no one else wants. Some of them he finds when they are seniors in high school. Then he coaches them. There is talent out there that doesn't come with 4-5 stars. But you have to coach them and I think we have lost that whole coaching and developing thing. It is work. It's what a coach gets paid $6 million a year for. Landry has arguably regressed as a QB, he for sure hasn't gotten better. Who is coaching him? I guess no one.

So what do I have here: Landry isn't that good, but is Bell any better? Don't know. There is a chance we have no QB at all. The Belldozer is kind of getting old. I want Stoops to care again so we don't have to hire another John Blake to get to the next Stoops and we apparently aren't recruiting or coaching.

Yeah...I remember where the ledge is...I left a hammer there.

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