OU Football Recruiting - So What Happens If Max Browne Does Not Pick The Sooners Wednesday Night?

via blog.seattletimes.nwsource.com OU's top 2013 target at QB, Max Browne, will announce his college decision Wednesday night.

As we told you Monday, the top quarterback in the 2013 class, Max Browne, will be announcing his college destination Wednesday night around 10 p.m. (CST). Browne is currently the only 2013 quarterback in the country who can claim an offer from the Sooners. However, if he chooses USC Wednesday night (as many expect will be his decision) that fact will likely change rather quickly.

Understand, we're not telling you there is zero reason to be optimistic regarding Browne but rather preparing you for the "what if" of him not choosing the Sooners.

So if things do not go Oklahoma's way Wednesday night, where do they look for that next 2013 quarterback target?

Cody Thomas 6'5" 220 lbs, Colleyville (TX)

Thomas would be one of the two most likely targets and he just recently took an unofficial visit to Norman to check out the campus. He did not come away with an offer and in interviews following the visit he was clearly disappointed about that.

Thomas is a big kid with a quick release who plays in an offense fairly similar to the one Oklahoma runs. The main issue with Thomas at this point is while he is one of the top QB recruits in this 2013 class, he is also a highly regarded baseball prospect. So the obvious issue there is offering him, possibly getting a commitment, then he gets drafted and takes the guaranteed money and you're left without a quarterback in this class.

Brayden Scott 6'3" 205 lbs, Tahlequah (OK)

There isn't a ton of film out there on the Tahlequah signal caller, so at this point it's somewhat difficult to breakdown his game. He is a kid with above average, but not elite arm strength. He's displayed good touch on the ball and he can move around in the pocket to create time for his receivers to get open. We also know he is one of those kids who grew up dreaming about playing for OU, the kind of kid who will play his guts out for you, the kind of kid as an OU fan you can't help but root for and who you'd love to see get that chance.

He has been very vocal in his desire to become a Sooner and even made reference on his Twitter account to Browne's upcoming decision saying "Wednesday could be a good or bad day for me." If Browne does in fact go with USC Wednesday night, Scott would be my choice as Oklahoma's next, and likely final, offer at QB. I say final because with an offer, I expect it would be a near immediate commitment from Scott to Oklahoma.

Kelly Hilinski 6'6" 220 lbs, Sherman Oaks (CA)

Hilinski is a guy the Sooners were in on several weeks ago and there was even talk of Hilinski making a visit to Norman at one point. However, once the offer to Browne went out and it was clear he was the Sooners primary target at quarterback the talk surrounding Hilinski seemed to die down pretty quickly.

It's possible that if Browne is off the table, especially if he chooses USC which is also one of Hilinski's top schools, that OU could get back in on the massive quarterback. But I'm not sure how realistic that is at this point and the OU coaches may prefer to go more local with Scott/Thomas as opposed to another national prospect whose recruitment could get dragged out for several months.

There are a couple other names out there, but at this point Scott and Thomas as 1A/1B with Hilinski as somewhat distant third are easily the most likely targets. Of course this all becomes irrelevant should Max Browne choose Oklahoma Wednesday night, the Sooners definitely would not take another QB, so we'll find out then if the drama comes to an end or if it's just getting started.

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