Ideas/Critiques of the New Post Season Format


The powers that be have finally come to their senses. Season after season of teams being snubbed from championship contention have finally been placed on the chopping block and that giant cleaver has finally made its lethal first cut. It may not be the "perfect" format but who truly believes that is even possible. I would like to give everyone a quick analysis of what has happened over the past few days in college football and give you what I think would be best for this format to keep the peace work among college football fans. This is kind of a long post so skip ahead if you like.

A few days ago, Bill Hancock announced that the college football post season would take on a new format in 2014. The decision was made to trash the current two-team system and replace it with a four-team "event" (they're still scared to call it a playoff). In this "event" four teams would be included to compete for the national championship. Two to seven different format options are being analyzed by the conference leaders and university presidents and we probably won't know which format they choose until possible July. A few things have not been decided yet:
  1. How will teams be selected for the playoff?
  2. Where will playoff games be held?

There are a number of options for issue #1. Teams could be selected using the current BCS ranking system, which to this I say, "Please God, no!" The current BCS ranking system employs the ever corrupt Coaches Poll along with the incomplete (in my opinion) computer rankings. Another option is to form a selection committee for selecting the teams to play in the playoff. This is probably the more popular option at this point. Or they could only allow conference champions to play. I highly oppose the latter option because, well, I don't care to see a #10 team in the playoffs.

My pick: I like the idea of using a version of the current ranking system (minus the Coaches Poll, of course) or even a combination of the BCS with a selection committee. I think the computer rankings should be amended though. Enough emphasis is not placed on strength of schedule (and margin of victory), if it were, Boise State wouldn't be considered a "championship caliber" team year in and year out. We need a system that encourages teams to play other quality teams and to win handily.

Issue #2 is full of, well, issues. Should playoff games be held at the higher seed stadiums or should they be held at neutral sites? Or all at one central site? I don't think we can have home games in the playoffs. If teams like TCU or Houston make it into the playoff to play a team like LSU or Oklahoma, the number of seating at these stadiums just wouldn't be enough. I agree with neutral sites. Of the formats I've heard of so far, I like the one thrown around by Mark Schlabach. He has provided the idea of including the BCS bowls in the playoff as tie-ins.

  • SEC - Sugar Bowl
  • Big XII - Fiesta Bowl
  • PAC12/B1G - Rose Bowl
  • ACC - Orange Bowl

In this scenario in 2011, #1 LSU would play #4 Stanford at the Sugar Bowl and #2 Alabama would play #3 OSU at, well, it would have to be the next available bowl, so probably the Fiesta. Obviously there are some holes. I think that if they are to make this work they should create a "BCS" bowl for every conference. SEC Sugar, ACC Orange, the Big XII could take over the Cotton Bowl, either the PAC12 or B1G could take the Fiesta (I know they would cry like little girls about this), etc, etc. This way there would be no question as to what bowls are played and it would make for a fun ending to the regular season.

I know this is a lot to take it but I want to know your thoughts/ideas/quips.

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