Four Oklahoma Sooner Stars In The Making

Apr 14, 2012; Norman, OK, USA; Oklahoma Sooners running back Danzel Williams (23) runs the ball during first half of the Oklahoma spring game at Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark D. Smith-US PRESSWIRE

While there is still a ton of talent that has yet to hit campus, fans have gotten a good look at a few newcomers. Some stand out more than others and no one is exactly sure how each players' career will eventually play out. The Oklahoma Sooners have set up to be one of the best football schools in the nation year in and year out. With such a reputation, you can bet there are going to be some very talented players pouring in. Who has set themselves apart this spring and has earned the title of a "Star in the Making"?

Trey Metoyer - WR
Need any more be said...really? Metoyer is a kid that has had much hype surrounding him. Texas Longhorn fans love to gloat that he didn't get into OU last season and how they never recruited him. All that is about to change!

Metoyer comes in as the only 5-star wide receiver recruit under Bob Stoops and certainly looks the part. He has the ability to go along with the know how that will certainly make him a star. There is only one question that Trey Metoyer the best freshman impact player since Adrian Peterson?

Danzel Williams - RB
The injury to and recovery process of surprise stand out Dominique Whaley lends a helping hand to all incoming running backs who are trying to make a name for themselves. Couple that with the carries, or lack there of, given to a player like Trey Millard and doors could begin flying open for incoming players like Williams.

Williams had the benefit of enrolling at the break. With the chance to get carries in the Spring Game, Williams took advantage and made sure he did something to impress fans.

During the Spring Game, Williams had eight carries for 24 yards but where he shined was coming out of the backfield as another receiving option. In addition to his running game stats, he added another 39 yards on four receptions. However, his biggest reception came in the endzone as he caught a pass that sealed the deal for the White team.

Jordan Phillips - DT
Phillips, much like Metoyer, found himself in a bit of a conundrum which led him to a redshirt after arriving in Norman a couple of weeks after fall practices had started. However, it didn't take long for him to get noticed. While Phillips looks every bit the defensive tackle at 6-6 330lbs, there is something more to him. This is a kid who possess unmatched athletic ability.

Sooner fans absolutely need Phillips to step up and become a difference maker on the line. It would appear that Casey Walker, Jamarkus McFarland, and Stacey McGee will find themselves in a three-man rotation at the position, all will have graduated by this time of year next season.

While there are a few options to step up and fill that gap as well. None will compare in terms of athleticism with Phillips who has shown off a standing backflip in full pads mind you. But beyond that, he can throw down a two handed jam as well. This kind of ability is something few see if ever and has lead position coach Jackie Shipp to ban backflips from his players.

Taylor McNamara - TE
This is on position that Oklahoma will be rebuilding from the ground up. When Austin Haywood decided to leave the program, the Sooners knew they would have no returning tight ends with experience. This is the main reason McNamara could have an immediate impact on the field in 2012. Yet, all that will come down to how often OC Josh Heupel is willing to target a TE who, mind you, is an instant mismatch in the redzone and vital to success in the redzone.

The tight end position will be a developing one but McNamara seems to have the skill set to excel. Some might think he is a bit small for the position but he most definitely has room to grow. Often we forget these are 17 and 18 year olds when we are talking about them.

As Landry Jones continues to develop chemistry with the wide receivers and tight ends, the ceiling continues to increase. Coming on a semester earlier than the others also gives him a head start. Hopefully he gets used more often than not.

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