Landry's Draft Stock

As we all know since when Broyles went down last year Landry's draft stock has been going in the same direction down. As OU fans we have all had the "pleasure" of watching Landry lead the offense for four unbelievably long years. Now that his time at OU is slowly coming to an end the next phase for him is going to the draft. So as the people who have paid the most attention to him over the years I feel as though we could give the best analysis of him and project where he should go in the draft.

Year 1 2009:

Thrown into the game after Sam Bradford went down. Ended season 8-5 with TD-INT ratio at 26:14 a qb passer rating of 130.8, and a win vs Stanford at the Sun Bowl. This season should not go against him because he was only a freshman that inherited a bad situation. The biggest takeaway from this season was that he showed some promise of being a good qb.

Year 2 2010:

Started all games. Lost key games to Missouri and TXA&M mostly due to interceptions that were hard to overcome. Ended season 12-2 with TD-INT ratio at 38:12 a qb rating of 146.3 and huge wins over Nebraska in CCG and UConn in Fiesta Bowl. This was his best season overall he was sloppy at times but showed much improvement from previous season. The takeaway from this season was he showed improvement physically but mentally still showed need for improvement mainly with trusting his pocket protection.

Year 3 2011:

This was supposed to be the year where we were supposed to get 8 did not happen not even close. Lost embarrassingly to Texas Tech at home to end 39-home game winning streak (It hurt to type that), Lost to Baylor, and got owned by OSU. Ended season 10-3 with a TD-INT ratio of 29-15, a qb passer rating of 141.6, no CC and a mediocre win against bob stoops Alma mater. This season was on him on the offensive side and on the secondary for the defensive side. I have never in my life seen a qb not be able to rally his team when it mattered. After Broyles went down Landry went without throwing a touchdown pass until the Iowa State game. Also throughout the season he showed the inability to get pick up yards in short yardage situations thats why the belldozer package was born. Through the duration of the entire season his lack confidence in the pocket and refusal to step into it caused him to get the "happy feet" and cause him to flee the pocket and cause negative plays. During the final conference game of the season he single handily lost the game to OSU with a whopping 5 turnovers one of which he wasn't even touched but his fear of being tackled got the best of him. The takeaway from this season was he regressed and fans got to see first hand that he lacks leadership skills and that the real leader of the offense went down in the TX&AM game, also he confirmed to many people that he had great physical tools to be a great qb but lacked the mental toughness to be one an almost uncorrectable issue. Fans wanted him Gone

Year 4 2012 ongoing:

Now here we are the last year (thank god). So far in the season we've seen more of HFJ more than Good Landry. With the Kstate loss mostly on him turning the ball over 2 times. His pressure phobia has appeared to have gotten worse since last year probably mostly due to his anemic line of protection it seems like he's too scared to trust it when he obviously doesn't have any pressure.Takeaway so far from this season is its what we thought it would be an average season at best.

After looking at Landry and what he's done and what he hasn't done if I were a NFL scout I wouldn't draft him. His inconsistent confidence in the pocket that causes him to leave to quickly and cause negative plays for his team are the primary reasons along with his pressure phobia that allows him to release the ball prematurely and either ends in an interception or an overthrown ball. Overall I would say he is either a free agent or at best a third day draft choice (6th or 7th round).

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