Thoughts on the OU/WVU game

Man, what a stressing game. I think I developed a hernia screaming at the TV. Let's break this near disaster down.


Good Landry showed up for 3 1/2 quarters. OU pretty much had their way throwing the ball and Landry put on a pretty good show, despite the bonehead interception. 6 Tds?? Damn. The playcalling when OU passed was superb and Landry was able to pick WVU's defense apart like a well cooked chicken leg. The running game ..... not so much. I understand the importance of keeping defenses off balance and I do appreciate a good rushing attack. That being said I don't know why Heupel insists on running up the middle on first down every damn series. OU had NO success running straight up the middle and only experienced success when running between the guards and tackles. Josh needs to learn that predictability is a VERY bad thing. He also needs to learn to mix up the run plays..90% of the time it was straight up the middle for a yard. The vast amount of our rushing yards came on 2 plays where Williams broke loose. Also another bone to pick with Heupel's playcalling: he needs to learn that the number of running/passing plays isn't the key to an efficient attack. Essentially you take what the defense gives you. If WVU was selling out to stop the run, then pass, and vice versa. It's not essential to run (or pass) a certain number of times a game. I hope he learns this lesson.


Horrendous job by Mike Stoops. He's been great this year, but the last couple weeks OU has looked pretty bad on defense. I couldn't believe no adjustments at all were made in the 2nd half when OU was getting gashed by Tayvon. The tentativeness of the defense was awful as well. Everytime an OU player was in a position to tackle Tayvon they froze up, afraid of being juked. They'd have been a lot better off just playing full speed and damned be the consequences. OU's defense did stiffen up on rare occasions last night. Mike needs to smarten up and learn how to adjust on the fly.

Special teams:

Pretty good effort!

Other observations:

The refereeing in the game was pretty biased. That was probably one of the worst reffed games I've seen between Big 12 teams. In fact it was THE worst example of hometown refereeing I've seen since 2006 Oregon. Here's hoping the instant replay referee gets fired, along with a couple of the onfield refs. No fumble on that pass? Really? Should've been 38-10 at halftime, not 24-17. The uncatchable interference penalty also ended up leading to a WVU TD...the Jolly Green Giant couldn't have caught that pass. The phantom "roughing" penalty on the sideline, the "unsportsmanlike" call for players woofing, the refs tacking TWO penalties together to give WVU another TV. I've never seen referees tack two penalties onto the end of a big play like that.

To any WVU fans reading this:

That was a disgraceful performance by your hometown referees, and believe me the Big 12 noticed. Your team played well, but in a fairly refereed game OU would have won by 21 points easily.

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