When You're Right, You're Right...Except When You're Not...Ish



My, my. Lookie what we have here! Is this chicken? Tastes like chicken. It's what??? Crow?? Hmm...tastes like chicken...really.

Okay, okay. I know I said that if Oklahoma pulled one out and proved the naysayers wrong, I'd write a post and admit that I was wrong. it is. I was wrong...sort of.

I finally got the chance, late Saturday night, to sit down and watch the OU/Tech game on the ole DVR. I was very happy to know that Oklahoma had won the game (knowing that made some of those missed 3rd downs easier to bear!). I was even hopeful that #12 might get his name back this week. Alas, it was not to be. While the offense was much better than against K-State, I still wouldn't say I was impressed overall. Sure the running game played a bigger role and #12 didn't absolutely destroy this team with turnovers. Huzzah for that.

What I can say is that I honestly was not impressed, in the slightest, with the running game. Even though there was a focused emphasis on running the football, the offensive line failed to get to assignments and sustain blocks to get the backs going. There were too many big hits on the backs and too many zero/negative yard plays.

I was also thoroughly unimpressed, yet again, with the Defensive Line. Not to mention Jamarkus McFarland greatly exacerbated that issue with his re-gifting of a would-be Red Zone opportunity. (GAH!!! Seriously, McFarland??? C'mon, man!!) I still didn't see enough pressure out of the front four. All that said, I believe I actually saw Linebackers make plays on several occasions (someone please correct me if I am wrong), which is a huge bonus! Not to mention the unbelievably athletic interception by Aaron Colvin...holy crap that was awesome!

All things considered, this was a big win for the program. The kids showed some fire and desire and the coaches actually showed some ability to adjust and add wrinkles to the game plan. I WAS impressed by those things. There are still many glaring issues to address and many things that can be polished. But, a win in Lubbock is nothing to be taken lightly.

There is no way we, as fans, can say that the season has been redeemed from this one moment of lucidity, but it's a start. One win does not a season make and I am still wondering which team is the true OU; the K-State game or this latest one. I'm hoping it's the latter. I have my reservations.

Congrats on the win, boys. You've earned that much. From all the 1%ers, "Well done." I was wrong in my belief that Oklahoma would not win in Lubbock. My other stances are still very much living issues that will require many more good performances for them to be laid to rest. After all, I'd rather eat THIS particular crow recipe than the one where our boys LOSE and we have to eat a crow concoction prepared by another school's hands.

Can someone pass the salt, please?

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