Plea From a Die-Hard Fan

I read the article posted by Jordan Esco on 10.03.12 - OU @ Texas Tech-What Can't Happen. It was concise and well stated. I just didn't think my comments were appropriate to appear under his article.

For me, virtually everything that was said in this piece could be said prior to every game OU plays, and it's not said in criticism of what Jordan wrote. It's only my opinion.

Personally, I doubt much if anything is going to change at OU as long as Bob is the head coach, UNLESS he undergoes an extreme make-over. On too many occasions to count, Bob has told me (everyone) exactly that - what we do, and the system we run, has been very successful over the last thirteen years including 7 Big 12 Championships and 1 National Championship.

90% of the football programs in the country would be thrilled with a 10-3 season, including a bowl win. Bob bristles when OU fans diagree and/or complain with that result. Message to Bob - this is THE UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA - the BEST football program in history. And for those who disagree, they can not disagree that OU is at least in the top 5.

During Bob's radio show last night, a caller had the audacity to question the enthusiasm of the players. Basically he said he thought the crowd was enthusiastic and wondered why the players didn't seem to be.

Bob's immediate response - as it should have been - was to defend his players. He stated that he was proud of them and thought they played extremely hard the entire game and to the bitter end. And that would have been fine if it had ended there, but it did not. After the caller was disconnected, Bob was compelled to add - I'M SURE SOMEBODY WILL BUY YOUR SEASON TICKET IF YOU DON'T WANT TO COME ANYMORE.

And that statement, along with so many others, crystalizes for me that NOTHING is going to change at OU under Bob.

I don't think at this point, that anyone who participates on this site (a few exceptions noted) are screaming that Bob be fired. I am simply BEGGING Bob to make changes. Stop being to abrasive. Stop being so stubborn. Stop living on your past success. I'm not asking him to announce to the public/media of his plans to change and what they might be. MY EYES will tell me if he is willing/doing that.

Regardless, I will FOREVER remain a loyal OU fan and have been since 1953. I have witnessed many great seasons, and endured some not so great seasons. At some point, Bob will leave OU and a new coach will be brought in. And Oklahoma football will SURVIVE/THRIVE in the future.

Ultimately, I guess what I'm trying to say, is that unless Bob demonstrates an ability to adjust/change his "system", I have reached the point where I am willing to entertain the idea that it may be time to consider a change.

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