OU Football 2012 | Freeze Frame | Damien Williams Houses It

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Breaking down the longest run in Red River Shootout history.

Damien Williams' 95-yard touchdown run was about as close to perfect as you'll ever see on a football field. What makes it all the more impressive was just how simple a play it was, yet brutally efficient at the same time.

It's a simple zone play, they don't get any easier than that. While simple, Oklahoma couldn't have executed it any better. Before we get started, thanks to SoonerSports.com, you actually hear from the man himself.

Here we are pre-snap with Oklahoma in their Diamond formation. Williams is the deep back, with Aaron Ripkowski and Trey Millard flanking Landry on this left and right, respectively.


Here you can see Texas' Demarco Cobbs (inside) and Kenny Vaccaro (outside) crashing down on a run blitz as the Oklahoma offensive line opens up a gaping hole.


As we move forward a couple frames, you can see Millard coming up to take on Cobbs, while Vaccaro appears to have a free shot on Williams. What is somewhat difficult to make out from this angle is the fact Williams actually has two holes to choose from. Wisely, he chooses the inside and follows Millard thus completely taking the unblocked Vaccaro (who has taken a horrible angle) of the play.


Again, here you see Williams taking that inside run lane and Vaccaro's realization how little chance he has of being relevant on this play. He makes a helpless diving attempt at a tackle, only to flail at the air space formerly occupied by Mr. Williams.


Now Williams is through the hole and into the second level of the Texas defense. He has Justin Brown out in front about to slow down Quandre Diggs just enough with a downfield block.


Here you can actually see Williams surrounded by three Texas defenders. Against a defense that actually knows how to tackle, one might think this would have been the end of the run. But oh no, not against the mighty Horns. Instead, Williams puts a little stutter-step move on the man in front of him, Texas' Myke Thompson. If you'll notice Williams has the ball in his right hand and preparing to use his left to fend of Thompson. There's just one problem. His first move is too good. It's so good in fact, that it breaks Thompson's ankles as he falls to the . . . well let me just show you.


That crumpled white mass you see at the 29-yard line is Thompson, who while laying helplessly on the ground actually takes one of his teammates out as well. Meanwhile, you can see Diggs has pulled away from Brown and is literally just an arm length's away from Williams. However, just barely in the frame, at the top, is Kenny Stills and he has acquired his target. It's also well worth pointing out (since we know what's coming of course), how far Stills comes to make this block. For a guy more than a few OU fans have said has a tendency to quit on plays, there sure as hell isn't any quitting here. Guy has made two devastating blocks the last two years that will never be forgotten when it comes to this rivalry series.


It's coming . . .


Almost . . .


LEGEN - wait for it . . .




And that, my friends, is how it's done.


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