Hey Texas Fan, Why All The Hate?

As a fan of the most tradition rich program in college football, it can be difficult to understand the shifty, unreliable thought patterns of our less fortunate conference brethren, the Texas Longhorn. What we do know is, they’re programmed at an early age and indoctrinated into the belief that the college football world revolves around Austin. This in itself accounts for much of the inexplicably perverse nature of this rather odd fan base, but sadly, it still doesn’t explain the one single most perplexing behavior inherent in all Longhorns. This inseparable element of those chronic underachievers to the south, is the hate of all things Oklahoma. This animus of unknown origin extends beyond the bounds of our natural rivalry and has, through no fault of our own, led us to the reasonable response of contempt towards all things orange.

So how can we explain this undying hatred of all things Oklahoma? Ironically, it’s unlikely even Texas fan in a moment of dark and brutal self-evaluation could provide an honest answer to this question. If we’re to ever understand the unprovoked anger of these hate filled intolerable tools, we have little choice but to probe deep within their tortured psyche. So let’s take a moment and attempt to answer the question, “Hey Texas fan, why all the hate?”

Among other things, the size and population of the state of Texas almost guarantees the University of Texas will always possess almost unlimited resources. This is evidenced by the $10 million dollars gleefully paid to the most underachieving staff in all of college football. This is a lot of money to you and I, but this is not a lot of money to Bill Powers and DeLoss Dodds. When you have a program that grosses $460,000 per day, 365 days a year, $10 million frivoled away is almost insignificant. However, when you consider their return on investment, these guys make Jim Donnan and John L. Smith look like Carl Icahn and Warren Buffet. Seriously, this is an embarrassment of riches if ever there was, and neither has anything to show for it. When you consider their facilities, enrollment, state population and ever-enduring fountain of five star youth, it boggles the mind how such vast resources can be so consistently squandered. How frustrating this must be. Further, why is it accepted? Is it that their program like so many others is beyond reproach regardless of the level of failure?

Considering the unlimited resources, I keep thinking at some point Texas fan will demand better. The unfortunate truth is, Texas fan has not demanded more from their program in a very long time. Sure they get upset after a devastating loss, and you even hear them rabble, rabble, rabble every once in a while, but it quickly dies down after they get in a circle and pat each other on the back and tell themselves how great they are. They never seem to have the desire to venture outside the confines of the echo chamber that is UT Athletics and address the stark reality of the disparity between their resources and their accomplishments.

Don't get me wrong, my preference is that they suck in perpetuity. If you think about it though, they have an overabundance of every single resource a program could hope for, but in most years they fall well short of the on-field accomplishments of The University of Oklahoma. If you look at every statistical football category compiled over the last 75 years, Texas is in Oklahoma's rear view mirror in almost every one of them. That is their reality. It appears that those to whom much was given, are forced to live within our shadows most years. It's no wonder they have such a high level of disdain for us.

In spite of the obvious, Texas fan would have you believe their contempt towards our program is all about things like posing in front of the scoreboard in the Cotton Bowl, Barry Switzer, Texas recruits and what happens on the second Saturday in October, but those are only vexing memorials of the inadequacies of their program. It runs much, much deeper than that. It's really about the overall imparity of the two programs. It's about our place in college football versus theirs. This isn't about jealousy though, it's about envy. Texas fan may never admit to it, in fact, they may not even realize it, but it's about who we are and who they should be. The land thieves are occupying their rightful spot in college football. Forget all that you've heard, this is the catalyst that subconsciously fuels their unwavering hatred towards all things Oklahoma.

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