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As reported here on everyone's favorite sports network, the leaders of the BCS will meet to discuss the future of the tool that is supposed to decide the NCAA football national champion. Like many of you, I fully understand that this "meeting" is just a bunch of harrumphing and guffawing and slapping each other on the back for another season complete and another season keeping the highly faulty BCS system intact.

The fearless leaders of the enigma officially labeled the "BCS" claim that any and all ideas will be discussed and on the table...whatever that means. I bet it means the same thing as when the President claims that any and all ideas are on the table to fix the economy. We all know the actual translation...of which I shall spare you my rendition. Who buys that? Not this guy.

What this division needs (like every other division of football, college or otherwise has) is a playoff. More of my playoff thoughts after the jump.

I am not an advocate of a plus one. I think that's the coward's way out (you want a playoff? Have a PLAYOFF!). It always reminds me of the scene in Talladega Nights where Ricky Bobby refuses to say "I love crepes" even when the alternative is "I love really thin pancakes".



It might seem like a stretch, but that's all the plus one is, loosely translating "I love crepes" into "I love really thin pancakes". It doesn't change a whole lot. Currently, the plus one would likely be Oklahoma State versus the winner of tonight's FG competition game.

My plan is this. I would like to see the NCAA grant the FBS a 14 team playoff. I would propose that the games begin in the second week of December, with the top two seeds (determined by the BCS top 14) getting byes. I would have the games be home and home games, where the lower seed travels to the higher seed. There would be an exception to this rule for the Final Four; if you are the lower seed, but won your conference championship where the higher seed did not, you get the home game. An example of this is if Oklahoma State were to play Alabama, OSU would get the home game by virtue of their Big XII title trumping Alabama's higher seed.

This would be the best of both worlds, really. The BCS wouldn't have to admit they've failed, as their system could still determine who gets IN the playoffs, and by default the eventual champion. Then the teams have their shot to prove their worth. This, to me, really emphasizes the importance of the regular season. Now playing for the top 14 is more important than ever. Not only that, can you imagine the advertising cash cow this would be? Who wouldn't be excited to buy second or third round playoff tickets for their favorite school's next game?

Think about the first round match-ups we'd have had this season; Michigan State (13) at Stanford (4), Kansas State (10) at Wisconsin (8), Virginia Tech (12) at Boise State (5) on one side of the bracket and Clemson (14) at Oklahoma State (3), South Carolina (9) at Arkansas (7) and Michigan (11) at Oregon (5) on the other side. Those are AMAZING games...much better than the majority of the bowl games. Frankly, I don't care about conference titles in this scenario. Great, you won the ACC or the Big what? You want in? Win enough games to get into the top 14 (which, the ACC did this year). *Note about the brackets, I'm not a bracket pro but I think that's how it would look.

I just think the excitement for every game would be way more than some meaningless bowl that only excites the schools, the teams and their fans (if that). I think the television ratings would be very high as would the amount of money created.

The timeline (using this calendar year as an example) would have been Round 1 on December 10, Round 2 on December 17, Round 3 on December 23 (unless they want to play on Christmas Eve) and then the Championship game on the 1st. Now, there will undoubtedly be resistance to this so that the kids can have a holiday of some kind. If that's the case, give them a few days around Christmas, play the third round on the 1st and the Championship the following week. If one week isn't enough rest add another and give them two prep weeks for the title really doesn't make it much later than what we currently have.

I don't know. Call me crazy, it won't be the first time. I just wanted to get something out there because this fan is sick to death of the BCS and all the chaos it causes every single year. Let me know what you think. I think it would be a great idea that would make lots of people lots of money and would finally determine a true champion. Hey, if a 3-loss team finds a way to win in that field...God bless them!

**Editing note - post publishing I was made aware that a 10 team field was possible with a play-in game scenario. I much prefer the 10 team model, but was too moronic to figure out how to make the bracket work! Thanks for the heads up, soonercowboy14!!

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