Rapid Reaction from OU/Missouri

Wow, lots to talk about from the OU/Missouri Game.  Here are 10 things that I took away from this game.

1.  OU is simply not the #1 team in the country if tonight is any indication of what this team is truly made of.  What an emotional let down from the FSU game!  As much as I HATE LSU, they beat us at this point in the season, especially if we have to play those MFers in New Orleans.  I think I HATE LSU almost as much as I HATE texass.  Alabama is better than we are.  OU better destroy Ball freaking State next week and annihilate texass the week after to reverse my thinking.

2.  The big play.  OU ALWAYS seems to give up one or two big plays each and every game.  It's either a blown assignment, poor tackling, or the defense simply being out of position.  Sorry, but this defense isn't as good as we thought.

3.  Landry Jones.  Landry, I can't figure you out.  Sometimes you literally look like you can be almost as good as Sam Bradford.  Other times you are clearly below Sam Bradford.  And occasionally I look at my television and say "Is that Paul Thompson at QB?"  He's still making a couple of major mental mistakes.  Hell, he almost had a third pick when he threw into traffic in the third quarter when he make a short throw 4 yards in front of him to Austin Haywood.

More after the jump.

4.  WR depth.  We don't have anything behind Broyles and Stills.  Broyles is the best WR in OU history.  I hope everyone realizes how good he really is.  We may have the best WR duo in the country, but we don't have a #3 WR worth a damn.  Hello, Dejuan MillerKameel Jackson, I thought you were supposed to have great hands?  Jaz Reynolds... you show promise every now and then.  Justin McCay, are you alive?  I don't even know what you look like.  We absolutely need DBG and Trey Metoyer.

5.  RBs.  Roy Finch isn't that good.  Something has happened.  He's regressed and has lost weight.  Something is wrong.  We don't have a burner in the backfield.  Clay looks better than Madu or Chris Brown, but he can't sniff All Day or Demarco.  Whaley is better than Clay, but isn't in the All Day or Demarco class.  This team has a RB problem.  We don't have anyone that is truly elite.  This is a major problem.

6.  OLine.  This team still can't line up and smash someone in the mouth inside the 5.  They had a QB sneak and Whaley bounced one outside for a TD, but consider me unconvinced that when OU lines up and the opposing team knows we are running that OU can consistently beat them.  We had such awful OLine recruiting 3-4 years ago and it is showing.  A freaking JUCO QB who became a TE, then DE is now starting at RT.  This is f***ing Oklahoma.  We don't need to have converts on the OLine.  Find some effing maulers.

7.  DLine.  Our defensive tackles are the worst DTs since Stoops took over.  If someone can show me a weaker DT tandem in the Stoops era, I'll buy you a cold beer.  Our DTs SUCK.  McFarland is an absolute bust and if you disagree with me on this I will fight you.  He blows.  Frank Alexander has been unreal thus far.  He was the only one worth a damn on the DLine tonight.  Ronnell is inconsistent, but is getting better.

8.  Killer Instinct.  Where the hell is this?!?!?!  We should have freaking blown out Missouri tonight.  Travis Lewis was flat.  Tom Wort was flat.  Gabe Lynn SUCKED DONKEY BALLS tonight.  Javon Harris was the best in the secondary of all night and he was mediocre.  Paging Tony Jefferson.  Where were you TJ?  This secondary, sans Demontre Hurst, sucked tonight.

9.  Special teams.  We've actually been pretty good at special teams this season.  Kickoff coverage looks much improved.  FG game has been perfect.  The new kicker looks like a real kicker.  Overall, this is the sole bright spot on the team.

10.  OU better realize what it means to be the #1 team in the nation.  They have a bull's eye on their chest the size of Alaska.  I hope someone other than OU gets the first #1 ranking in the BCS and we can sit at #2 and fly under the radar a little bit.  This team has got a lot of growing up to do and they better improve fast.

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