OU/FSU game wrapup, smartass comments, and other stuff

Damn what a game that was. Guess I'm going to have to throw that underwear out and rent a steamcleaner for my Lazyboy.  First off, damned if Venebles didn't dial up a helluva game plan, and I have to give him an "A-" for the week. E J Manuel was getting some yards on the ground, but OU contained the guy to an awesome degree before Travis Lewis drove him into the ground with the force of a thousand exploding suns. Turned out that wasn't such a good idea, since FSU's scrub QB had a much better arm! Venables, if you read this, for one week you proved me wrong. That defense was playing like it caught FSU pissing in it's chili. I think FSU owes OU a debt of gratitude....thanks to our defense one of their wide receivers is now an inch taller and will be better able to catch the jump balls! His head is significantly thinner though. (Seriously, I'm sure everybody is happy Kenny Shaw is okay).


Offensively OU did what it had to do. There were some things that need to be corrected, but considering the environment and situation the Sooners did pretty well.  OU seemed to move the ball on the ground effectively when they had to, for the most part. Sadly, I'm going to have to give Josh Heupel a big fat "C" this week on his playcalling. Way too conservative! I'm Josh's biggest fan, but running into a full box down on the goal line isn't going to be successful 90% of the time.  To his credit the playcalling was a little better the next time down there. I also noticed that no adjustment was made about Landry in the pocket. FSU was dialing up tremendous pressue on the one side and hurrying Landy all night. A simple adjustment would've been to have Landry roll to the opposite side of that tackle and throw on the run. Landry throws GREAT on the run, and hopefully OU will pick up on that in the future if the other team has a monster defensive tackle. Stills had a fantastic game with a couple circus catches. I'm very happy with our wide receivers. We have the best receiver corps in the country, bar none. Landry got a bit shaky for a couple quarters, and I was surprised the coaches didn't calm him down better at halftime.  But when the game was on the line and FSU was making it's comeback, Landry showed why he is the best QB in the Big 12. All in all a gutty offensive performance by the team on the road in a very tough environment.


Funniest moment of the game was the look on Bob Stoops face when OU made the final FG.  Coach had that perfect "are you kidding me" look, complete with the forehead wipe shortly after. Well coach, you RECRUITED that kicker, hehe. Great job on the kick Jimmy, but next time try kicking the bottom half of the ball! Jimmy Stevens was 3 of 3 for the night on FGs! Buy him a drink (a virgin Shirley Temple) if you see him in town! Game ball this week goes to Tom Wort. In case you didn't notice Tom played most of the game shoeless....his shoes were juked off by E J Manuel in the first quarter! Still Tom played like a human wrecking ball and insured that the chiropractic business in Tallahassee will enjoy a profitable week. Kenny Shaw will send Wort a check for making him taller and more NFL viable (although his head is noticably thinner!).


A great game on the road in a truly hostile environment. OU showed a lot of guts and determination. There is room for improvement, as always, but OU showed they won't be losing any games from a lack of fortitude. Oh, and by the way, I don't think I'm going to complain that our subs didn't get enough playing time this week!

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