Insight Into the LHN-turned-Realignment Brouhaha

This is TOTALLY real-world, and any of you fellow Sooners living south of the Red can probably easily back me up.

So I'm in Houston most of last week for training, and I noticed something that really struck me as...well, very odd, honestly. While driving around town, I heard several radio ads for the Longhorn Network.

In Houston. They're advertising for the LHN in Houston.

Yes, that's right. The Longhorns are apparently spending millions advertising on radio for their new TV their own home state. I heard the first one as wasn't sure I'd actually heard it (I was in the drive-thru line at Taco Bell at the time). So I resolved to listen closer, and sure enough, another one came on.

My first thought was, "Do they seriously believe there are any Longhorn/college football fans down here who don't know the Longhorn Network exists yet?" That was what struck me as odd. I figure that anyone with any interest in UT sports (and since it's Texas, I'm sure there are plenty of those folks) would already know...and probably already have plunked down their $11.99 a month or whatever they're paying for the privilege of seeing a whole channel dedicated to the world's ugliest color. I could understand them advertising anywhere else, since I know they'll do whatever they can to drum up viewers. But why would they spend anything to advertise in their own home state? That was as funny to me as the OKC radio ads with Bob Stoops talking about one of his charities, where he introduces himself as "Bob Stoops, head football coach for the University of Oklahoma Sooners."

So I thought harder on it. I even mentioned it to a fellow Sooner fan I saw at the airport for the flight home. His thought was, "Maybe they're so proud of themselves, they're wasting more money just advertising it." And I generally agreed.

But that didn't seem sufficient to me, either. That's a lot of money they're spending on all those radio ads (and I'm assuming, TV ads, too). And that's when it hit me. There's only one possible reason I could ascertain...they're paying all that money just so they can shove the LHN's existence a little further up A&M's rear. Think about it: like I said, everyone with any interest already knows the network is there. And sure, UT might spend a little more to see if they can troll a few more fish into the boat...but they'd sure-as-shootin' spend that money just so that the Aggies will know they're still in the backseat in this whole deal. Just to let those Aggies know who really runs things down in Texas. I know that Texas normally displays an enormous amount of class [/sarcasm] but this made the most sense to me.

So follow me here. Picture yourself as an Aggie (difficult, I know, but stay with me). Last summer's garbage is still sticking in your craw. And then Texas went and did what everyone in the world knew they were going to do: start the LHN. Then they even had the cojones to say they were going to show HS games from all over Texas on their new network. And the final have to listen to those dadgum Longhorn Network radio commercials any time that you drive anywhere in the state of Texas.

That might not seem like much, and some of you may call me some sort of conspiracy theorist for thinking this up. But really, what else is there?

Foreign Correspondent

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