Where would we go? OU that is.....

I just wanted to focus on OU for a minute. Assuming that wherever we go OSU goes, and we all know that is a fact lets look at the viability and possible good things that could come out of moving conferences, or staying put.


Big12(as is)- this would be preferred, but you know, Tommy Tuberville was right, this is not going to last long even if A&M decides not to go to the SEC.

Big12(expanded)- would be fine if we can get one of the bigger name schools such as Arkansas or Notre Dame to join, but neither has much to offer immediately. Arkansas would be better, natural rivalry as it is. Add BYU to the mix or maybe even Boise State, and it could be doable assuming that no one else leaves, that includes Texas A&M.

SEC- It is my belief that this administration wants no part of this. The fan base should want no part of this. I tell you why. The SEC has a history of supporting each other when they play out of conference or bowl games. Many OU fans could NEVER, and I mean NEVER find themselves supporting Texas and OSU, much less Arkansas or LSU when it comes to new rivalries that will be created. Plus there is the whole recruiting thing.

Pac(x)- I say x because you have no idea how many teams will be there.  This would be a winnable conference and one we could dominate if USC fails to recover from sanctions. While I think Texas will end up independent, if this move happens it will most likely be OU, OSU, Texas Tech, and Baylor/MIssouri/Kansas. Trips up to Boulder and over to Lubbock have provided treats in the past, and much heartburn for us Sooners, so the rivalries would be there. Of the slashes, I would prefer Mizzou or KU, but they have their issues and I just don't see the Tigers going West.  If they have the one rival per division theory, OU could be interesting with just about anyone over there. USC seems likely, but that also would be your desired championship game. Oregon due to the already bad blood, but I like Oregon with OSU to be in the Ugly Uniform Bowl. Stanford would be nice as would UCLA. I would prefer not to be paired with one of the other schools and if they do this I see OU with one of the LA schools most likely the Trojans as a year in year out marquee game.

Big10- Doable only without OSU, so I do not see it happening.

New Conference- If we decide to build a new conference without any of the travel restrictions, it has been mentioned by the Texas Brass. But I think any new conference would be of the core of what is left of the Big 12, so that would just be the Big 12 wouldn't it?

Independence- The least likely and most unattractive alternate.

I think if A&M leaves, that the University of Oklahoma needs to man up, take the lead, and tell OSU, that we are leaving for the Pac(x) and leave it to the Pac(x) to find two other schools.  I think that our membership should be effective next season. We will still play Texas non-conference and I would like to see that continue. We still honor the contracts with teams we have already signed with. I am not even against bringing Tulsa along, but I don't really see the point in it. I just don't think Texas Tech and Baylor on their own merit would warrant the TV viewership, maybe the University of Houston or TCU but that also would not get the viewership. If Texas found a way to get in the deal, that would be best, but I think OU needs to take the leadership here. We already know the Longhorns can screw things up.

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