If you had to choose: Gunner Kiel or Dorial Green-Beckham

To Kiel or not to Kiel? To DGB or not to DGB? Those are the questions.

If you were forced to choose between one or the other, who would you choose?

The possibility still remains that OU could very well snag both top-rated athletes in their small (14-17) 2012 recruiting class, but let's look at a situation where we can only have one or the other. I'll just cut to the chase about what I think and tell you flat out: DGB ALL THE WAY!!  Kiel is a stud QB that would be a great addition for OU, or any program for that fact, I think DGB would be better for this 2012 recruiting class. Here's how I came to my decision:

Dorial Green-Beckham (WR):
Weighing at 220 lbs, DGB is a 6'6" freak that can cover 40 yards in 4.43 seconds. After the 2011 football season, OU will lose their tallest WR, Dejuan Miller, who measures in at 6'4". While OU will still have multiple tall WR that stand at 6'2", that's as tall as they come, even with the incoming phenom Trey Metoyer. Yes, I know we just picked up a stud WR, but you can't have too many WRs just in case of an injury--okay, well maybe you can at some point. It's obvious to see that OU needs a Split End WR in this class with the departure of Dejuan Miller. If you watch film from last season before Miller was injured, you will see how valuable of a SE Miller was at giving us the option to run fly routes by using his size. Most of our incoming WRs are more flankers than anything and we need a bigger, and more physical, WR that can dominate any CB we may encounter at any point in the season (more specifically upcoming non-conference games and national championship games where we play the SEC and Big 10).


Gunner Kiel (QB):
First off, I must admit how much of a stud this guy is. He plays with a lot of intensity. Heupel is really risking a lot with putting all his eggs in one basket with him, but it could pay off. I know that the QB is the leader of the team that has to be smart on his feet and make good decisions. Furthermore, I know that incoming QBs are more likely to bust in college--just look ask Texas--thus, you need the best one you can find that has the potential for success. But I think we can make due with a lower ranked QB with this class. A 3 star QB from OKC sounds good to me in this case. Everyone also knows that we have a long line of projected talent that has yet to see the field behind Landry Jones. Heck, one of these guys could be a potential Heisman.


I know some of y'all will disagree with my reasoning, we are all entitled to our own opinions. So have at it.... WHO WOULD YOU PICK?


note: I did not spell check this before posting, so please forgive any grammatical errors.


Random Video to cheer any people up:

Oklahoma Football 2011: Number 8 (via PostProductionFilms)

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