It's Broken and it Desperately Needs to be Fixed

This is an article about the state of Oklahoma Football as we know it now. After getting completely destroyed last night by OSU in a game I will refer to as a "pass game", there are a ton of things OU needs to do in order for this not to be such a game. What I mean by a "pass game" is this game has officially signaled that one program has passed up the other. OSU, no matter how much we hate it, will most likely contend for Big 12 titles for years to come. OU is most likely to start contending for the Cotton Bowl or lower for years to come. In January of 2001, OU played a"pass game" where they passed up Florida State. You know what has happened since then, so you know what I am referring too. There are several things that need to happen for OU to recover, however, we all know what will happen, so this will be filed under a "fantasy" for now.

1. Coaching changes- Major coaching changes should be in the works. This is a school that prides itself on loyalty however, and I do not see any of this happening. And no one is exempt. Obviously, the biggest change everyone is asking for is for Venebles to go. I say Norvell should also face the music, and whereas I would like to keep Heupel as a QB coach, if he will not accept that demotion, he also needs to go. Pete Martinez was fired from Georgia for a REASON. Does anyone not see this? Did anyone notice that Georgia was playing LSU in the SEC Championship game, which I am sure has as much to do with Richt as it does with the fact that Martinez no longer is a part of that program. I will go as far as to say that if he is unwilling to make changes, Bob himself must even go.

2. Scheme changes- Defensively, we could solve a lot by abandoning the whole 4-2-5 or 3-3-5 we have adopted lately and go to more of our base defense plus a nickel and or dime which employs cornerbacks instead of additional safeties. Safeties are good defending the run, but this conference tends to like to pass. Also we must mix up coverages with zone and man. Offensively, we must take advantage of the fact that we have 2-3 very fine fullbacks on this roster. We have the personnel to line up and play power football from the I formation, we just choose not to. I think a lot of this has to do with the experience and expertise of the coordinators we employ presently. I am not asking for an I based offense, I am just saying that we need to mix our offense and make it more of a pro style than this "air raid" crap we have been trying to play.

3. Players need to show some pride- Bottom line. I have said for years, that I would rather have a player who grows up wanting to play for the University of Oklahoma, than one who is talented and is using us as a step to the pros. I feel this was one of the major differences between Sam Bradford and Landry Jones. Sam was a Sooner, Landry seems to be more there to be there, maybe for an education, at times he just looks clueless. Bottom line, Landry had the worst performance of any Sooner Starting quarterback last night since a man by the name of Eric Moore took the field. I would have thought maybe Tom Wort would have stood up and provided some leadership defensively but I guess I was wrong. He seems more interested in hitting people so hard that he makes a highlight reel. Tom, I love what you are doing on the field, you are the closest thing we have had to The Boz since the man himself, but Brian Bosworth was a leader.

Needless to say, this is one fans opinion, and I know the reality of it all is that there will be no changes made next season. It will take the unthinkable for anything to be done here, and it may take a year or two of that for it to be done. With no changes being made, I can tell you that I believe that this team, next season, with all the current coaches, philosophies, and players in place will finish somewhere between the 4-8 to 6-6 mark. Be ready Sooner nation, because we have seen instances like this before.... Bedlam 2011 has been a program changer. The sooner we embrace it and do something about it, the better we will be.

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