Please Make It STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok fellow sooner fans, I am going to drop some knowledge on you, some of you might be privy to this and others are either ingnorant or still in denial. We have had a terrible offensive and defensive game plan every game this year, without fail...... outside of the OU-ut game of course. This is something that cannot be excused by any true OU fan. Please will someone give me an example of an OU defense in the last 4 years that you have felt is capable of shutting anyone down.......... don't worry, I can hold my breath for a long time. Has recruiting dropped off? Nope, not since I last checked. Has college football changed that much in the last4 years? Nope, you still win with defense, strong special teams, and an opprotunistic offense that can run the ball at will and pass efficiently. So I challenge anyone here to question my logic. Why are the Sonners so bad? 5 reasons:

1. Bob Stoops is as untouchable as Al Capone or John Gotti in his prime. He has us all hypnotized I guess and I was too till about 4 years ago. Win a Natty Championship and all reproach is beyond you till you say otherwise i guess is the rule, because that is the way he acts. Why is it that when anyone from the media or fandom has a simple question about the way he does things in his program he makes us out to be half retarded? Why is it that he cannot be questioned? Why is it that he doesn't have to listen to anyone.......ever.....? He needs a reality check quick.

2. Brent Venables. Do I need to say more? Don't worry I'm about to tell you why he can't ever be considered a good defensive coordinator again. He has run the same defense since Mike Stoops left. Thats 8 years!!!!! There soooooooooo much tape on the same old, tired, OU defense out there and you play the same teams every year. Eventually its going to catch up to you. If I were playing rock, paper, scissors with you and I played rock every time, you are going to catch on eventually and begin to play paper. He has shown no ability to change and evolve or at least show different looks to confuse offenses this year. Its been going on for much longer but this year is the staw, if you know what I mean.

3. Landry Jones still has not progressed from a fresman level mentally. He will never be a leader and he sure as hell will never get any courage in the pocket. His mechanichs break down whenever he even suspects he might get hit. He will never improve and its time to cut bait. We have to decide if we are ok with decent QB play or building to the future. I choose the latter personally.

4. Offensive Scheme. Since when has anyone in the history of college football won a championship without a run game? I guess Stoops and Kevin Wilson thought they were outsmarting everyone when the started the hurry up, spread offense gimmick and started rick-rolling everyone..... and they did.... for one year. Since then, everyone figured it out and we have become even more vanilla and soft. Its now become the culture at OU. Play finesse offense and hope the other team isn't more physical than we are. It worked for a while, now its time to come back to reality guys.

5. Leadership has dropped to an all-time low at OU. Sure injuries have played a big part in it with Broyles and Whaley and coutless others falling victim to season ending injuries but is there no one else that can step up? Landry Jones sure as hell can't do it and I think ever since Travis Lewis' performance dropped off due to injury, he has lost some clout. There is no voice for this team anymore and no backbone.

In closing, there needs to be a culture change with this football team. We have become complacent and entitled. We aren't as bad off as UT was last year but give it a season and it will. Stoops must see this and change. Clean house for the love of God and remind these HS players that signing with OU doesn't entitle you to jack! You still have to put in the work and the players need coordinators that they can believe in. I truly love OU football but I have never felt so bleak about it's future.

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