A few thoughts on the Baylor game

Are there still any Venables defenders out there? How many times does a defense have to get burned deep before there is an adjustment? How many times do you let Griffin III have an open field in front of him? Granted you can't fault that one long fluke play that bounced off one receiver and was caught in stride, but OU's defense looked very bad in the 2nd half.  I've said it a million times and I'm sure a lot of guys here are sick of hearing it..Venables is a bad defensive coordinator and there is no excuse for OU's defense playing like that. We have Alabama type talent on defense and are mediocre at best on defense. I guess I should be happy we lost, we'd have just gotten embarrassed if we'd made it to the BCS championship game.

Offensively...why didn't OU try to stretch the field more often? Where were there no screen plays or draws to slow down the rush on Landry? Why didn't OU go ahead and take the FG when down by 14 early in the fourth quarter? Why was there no sense of urgency halfway through the fourth quarter when trailing by 2 TDs? 

Coaching decisions: why in hell did Bob call a timeout on Baylor's last drive? Briles seemed content to take the game into OT....did Bob really expect OU to get the ball back with a few seconds on the clock and drive the length of the field? Why didn't OU try to burn more time off the clock when they had first and goal on the 6 (they had all 3 timeouts)? I couldn't understand the decision to go for two...yes, if we scored (and we probably would have I suppose) we'd win if Baylor didn't score again...BUT we'd lose immediately if we didn't score the 2 pts.  Even if we did score the 2  Baylor would still get the ball with a lot of time on the clock and a chance to score a FG to win. That decision to go for 2 was pretty goofy. If there had been almost no time on the clock for anything but a Baylor desperation heave then maybe going for 2 would have made sense.

All in all, I'm pretty happy with the player's effort.  There were a couple costly mistakes, Landry's pick and the fumble by Dejuan after the big gain to the 30. I think OU left 10 points on the field, at least. I think Heupel called a pretty good game, with the inexplicable lapses from my earlier paragraph. Defensively the players were playing hard, but were out of position a stunning amount of the time. The secondary got burned time and again, but I blame Venables for not having them properly prepared.

Baylor gave us their best game and congratulations to them, a great effort. I'd say Baylor definitely earned that win, but that OU still should have won. I'm unhappy OU lost, but losing while putting out good effort is definitely a lot better than that showing against Tech awhile back.

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