Oklahoma's Most Surprising Player

MANHATTAN, KS - OCTOBER 29: Jaz Reynolds #16 of the Oklahoma Sooners pulls in a pass against Allen Chapman #3 and Tysyn Hartman #2 of the Kansas State Wildcats in the second quarter at Bill Snyder Family Stadium on October 29, 2011 in Manhattan, Kansas. (Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images)

It seems that a lot of talk has gone out on in the web talking most improved player or most surprising player specifically for this Oklahoma Sooners team. With the national media covering the preseason practices in Norman there were a few names being thrown out there. However, some of these have not lived up to the hype while others have far exceeded what fans as well as the media thought they were capable of. Knowing that CCM is full of well-informed Oklahoma fans who follow the ups and downs of this team without skipping a beat, I thought it would be best to pose this question to you! Who is Oklahoma's most surprising player at this point of the season?

Take a look at the candidates after the jump and feel free to add your own if you think someone is not getting the credit they deserve.

1 - Adam Shead - OG
Shead was not a household name coming into the 2011-12 season. He probably wouldn't be either this season if not for an injury to Ben Habern against Missouri. Shead has come on the field and made a legitimate case as to why is one of the best five offensive lineman Oklahoma has to offer. The question is that with the return of Habern, will Shead slip into the back ground again or has he done enough to see significant playing time and eventually be the anchor for this O-Line in future years?

2 - Dominique Whaley - RB
Whaley stepped onto OU's campus as a walk-on. Much of the speculation that followed him after the initial depth chart was released was that the coaching staff was using him as motivation for players like Roy Finch, Brandon Williams, and Brennan Clay. In the Sooners home opener, Whaley rushed for 131 yards and four touchdowns and followed that up by averaging over 100 yards in every contest on 5.5 yards per carry. This kid has drive and focus that will continue to pay off for him in later years.

3 - Jaz Reynolds - WR
Reynolds quickly garnered attention for his Tweets that eventually landed him a spot in the doghouse. Now, just a year later, Reynolds has earned a spot in the starting rotation and will see more time as Oklahoma's best receiver in Ryan Broyles is out for the season. From the doghouse to averaging the most yards per catch is a statement that stands alone, yet you can't forget the top 10 worthy catches he has made this season. Reynolds has exploded as of late and has 32 catches for 578 yards and five touchdowns. Maturity is a huge factor for this kid this season and he continues to get better.

4 - Lane Johnson - OT
Johnson started last season as a tight end after playing quarterback in high school. Halfway through the 2010 season, Johnson was moved to defensive end, however that would not be end of the shifting around for him. He finds himself listed as an offensive tackle this season and made a run at the starting job in the offseason. Johnson continues to put on weight and has earned himself a spot on the starting lineup (yes there have been some injuries that helped this process). Again, how will the return of Habern to the starting five affect Johnson and has he made a case to remain a starter?

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