Does OU Control It's Own Destiny for the BCS National Championship Game?

Does OU suddenly control its own destiny again? Was one big win on the road against the overrated, err...solid and top 10 ranked Kansas State Wildcats on the road enough?  Or was the loss of Clemson Tigers on the road the only road block OU needed to fall?

Going into the weekend it was assumed for OU to get back into the hunt for the BCS National Championship game, they would have to have a TON of help.  OU needed to win out of course.  The Sooners also need Oklahoma State to continue to win out until they meet up in Bedlam. 

But it was also assumed OU would need help from other sources.  OU would need Clemson to lose.  CHECK!  They would need Stanford to lose.  OH SO CLOSE.  They would need Boise State to lose.  They might need Oregon to lose as well, especially if Oregon is the team that beats Stanford on November 12th.

What a difference one Saturday makes.




The USA Today/Coaches Poll is out and we have in order: LSU, Alabama, Stanford, Oklahoma State, Boise. No. 6 is Oregon followed by Oklahoma at #7, followed by Arkansas at 8

The Coaches Poll is only one poll in the BCS mix another is the computers, which still loves the Big 12 one we have out is Sagarin's ratings and it has: 1. Oklahoma St. 2. Alabama 3. LSU 4. Arkansas 5. Oklahoma 6. Boise St. 7. Kansas St. 8. Stanford

At the time I'm writing this article we are several hours from the BCS officially coming out, but BCS guru Jerry Palm has his prediction out and he's think the BCS will look like this: LSU, Alabama, Okla St, Stanford, Boise, OU, Oregon, Arkansas

If OU has already jumped a one loss Oregon whose only loss was to #1 LSU, it goes a long way to understand that the computers value OU's nonconference and the Big 12 strength of schedule over the PAC-12's. 

As you look at the teams in front of OU the winner of the LSU-Alabama game is looking like a lock for one half of the BCS National Championship game, but the winner will have the SEC championship game, and LSU will still have Arkansas to play.  The LSU-Alabama game is a loss to at least one school in front of OU.  IF OU beats OSU, that's 2 in front of OU that goes down. 

That puts OU at #3 in the BCS if they win out...and #3 is of course a trip to the Fiesta Bowl, and not to New Orleans......but according the computers, if OSU wins out, and I don't see anyone on the Cowboys remaining games that can trip them up, and OU beats them in Stillwater on December 5th, it looks like OU could possibly jump an undefeated Stanford and would most certainly jump Boise State.

Which means.....OU might be in control of their destiny once again.  Granted, it would be nice for Stanford to lose preferably in the PAC championship game to what appears to be Arizona State. 

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