Can we please just have a freaking playoff?! . . . .PLEASE !!!!!!!!

Every single year we, college fans, have to put up with inane, self-serving voters (every poll) who are either associated in some capacity to particular teams, otherwise exceedingly biased for or against certain teams, completely unaware of what is actually going on in the college football world, or simply don't have the concern or time to vote and shuffle the responsibility off onto someone else and None Of Them Are Accountable To Anyone. And this is the system whereby national championships are determined for the most popular, most influential, and most significant of college sports!

To verify each of my assertions, I provide he following evidence: (Most of which comes from 2007 because the information was easy to find, but the particular year doesn't seem to matter much)

Pollsters are inane - In the final 2007 regular season poll . . .Howard Schnellenberger "ranked Missouri No. 4 and Oklahoma No. 7 even though the Sooners gave Missouri BOTH of its losses? And Kansas, which lost to Missouri, was No. 2."

Pollsters are self serving - In the final 2007 regular season poll . . . Virginia Tech’s Frank Beamer was the only coach to rank his team No. 2, but at least he had the Hokies behind LSU, which beat them badly in September.

Associated in some capacity with particular teams - For this claim, I first give you ESPN, ABC, CBS, NBC, etc. . . all of which have voters on the AP poll and all of which have major contracts with different conferences. Secondly, "Spurrier has made it known that he will always vote Duke No. 25 on his ballot—until they lose their first game—as a sign of respect and honor for the Blue Devils giving him his first shot as a head coach."

Exceeding bias for or against certain teams For: Ever hear of East Coast Bias? West Coast Bias? Big Ten or SEC Bias? So have I. Where there's smoke, there's fire. Against: I give you Craig James (Yes! He has a vote). Do you honestly believe a Mike Leach coached team would ever receive a fair shake by this man?

Unaware of what is going on in college football - In the 2007 final regular season Harris Poll, "Michigan’s Lloyd Carr voted his team No. 21. The Wolverines didn’t make the final poll — once a Michigan man, always a Michigan man, even when you’ve been DIS-missed."

Responsibility shuffled off - "Spurrier said he looks over his Top 25 votes "a lot more thoroughly," but it's a long-standing college football tradition that those votes are delegated to someone else. Nationwide, a lot of ballots are routinely filled out by ops guys and sports information directors."

In a word . . .PATHETIC!

It's not just me. NCAA Division 1A  College Footbal needs and deserves a playoff system. The type and format are for another time, but let's get the freaking ball rolling people! Stand up and let your voices be heard!

I don't think the college football polls need to be put away, just put in their place. Like the basketball polls, they should determine which at-large teams might make it into a playoff. Just get the hell out of the way and let me enjoy the season!

Thanks to,, and for sources.


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