With Trepidation

I am well aware of the flak I will take for this post, but I have been trying NOT to do this all of last year and the first four games of this year, and I just can't help myself.

I consider myself as big a fan of OU spots, specifically OU football, as anyone who reads and/or posts on this sight.  I am also one of those "fans" who is described as unrealistic because I am not just happy to win a game. It is at least as important to me HOW the game is won and/or played. Sadly I will more likely accept the loss of a well-played game as opposed to "winning ugly." That doesn't mean that I will forfeit the win, it just means I have my standards.

Do I expect OU to play perfect football every game? HELL NO. I've watched a lot of football and I've NEVER seen a perfect game, and I don't expect to. I sometimes wonder if the concept of "perfection" is even realistic. BUT, I do believe it is an option for those who want to be the best at what they do, even though they may never achieve their goal. At least they have a reason to try to do better and improve on their performance. That's what makes winners - a concept that is severely lacking in today's world.

Recently Landry Jones stated that his goal was "...perfection...", but he knew it was not a goal that he would likely achieve. Well, OU is 4-0 so far this season, and Landry is NOT satisfied with the way he is playing (even though they have won ALL their games so far). What this says to me is that the way he plays the game is at LEAST equally as important to him as winning the game. AND I TOTALLY AGREE.

OU football has had a long standing tradition described as SOONER MAGIC. Those teams and fans who suffer that reality scream LUCK, but I completely disagree. Sooner Magic is simply preparation, execution and faith -NOT luck. I saw luck o 09.25.10. I prefer the former, and that is the basis for my bad mood, even after some OU wins.

The football program under Bob Stoops has become so secretive over the past 2-3 years (practices closed to the public and media; scrimmages closed to the public, etc), the fan is left to rely on what the coaches have to say about the upcoming and/or ongoing season. Sadly, it appears to me that Stoops and/or his assistants embellish the talent of their players and then my eyes tell me that they were lying to me.

I have been as big a fan of Bob Stoops as anyone - IMO. But the reason for this post is based on the fact that he is starting to wear me slick.

Here are a few things that my eyes and ears are telling me:

Bob Stoops seems to be unbelievably UNHAPPY when doing a presser or post-game interviews. He comes across as angry when someone asks a "critical" question - whether it concerns him, his assistants, play calling, whatever. The message I get is DO NOT QUESTION ME OR MY METHODS. Look at our past success.

When is the last time anyone besides Carol and his kids actually say Bob SMILE? To his credit, I actually saw that yesterday on college football live.

Factoid - Bob, criticism is part of your job description, as it is with any football coach. Bob's skin seems to have become paper thin, and that's after the fact that he has been cut tremendous slack because he won the national championship TEN years ago.

According to Bob, accountability is a one-way street. Example - 2008, prior to the texASS Tech game, Bob loudly criticized the OU fandom for NOT being loud enough during home games. I was at that game, and personally refused his request because his attitude pissed me off, but,  it was the LOUDEST game I have ever attended in Norman. Apparently I was the only one who chose to protest. My point is, Bob expects the fandom to be responsive to his demands, but when fans request an explanation of how things are going or being done, the response seems to be f off.

I'm old, and loyalty has always been a favored trait of mine. Sadly, I believe that Bob has become loyal to a fault. This is the 12th year that Bob has been the head coach at OU and he has NEVER fired an assistant coach. Sorry, but that just seems inconceivable to me. And if you're still reading, and before you push me off the ledge, I'm NOT asking him to FIRE and assistant. Certainly I have thought he should, but that's for another post.

I also think he is loyal to a fault to his senior players. If a player is a senior and has been in the program for 4 or 5 years, that player gets  the benefit of the doubt regarding playing time. If an underclassman is better we will never know because he is "waiting his turn."

I, for one, am tired of Bob and his assistants reaping the benefits of their past success. All the raves about what a genius offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson is are applicable because of the quality of player he had at his disposal. I doubt his play calling changed that much between 2008 and 2009, but the quality of player did, and yet he is excused? Okay, I'm on the edge, so shove me off.

Actually, and finally, the reason I am posting this is because Bob said this week that beating texASS was not that big a deal. SORRY, but I disagree. Would I rather beat texASS and lose every other game? Of course not, but it is a big deal, and in his heart, he knows that. He loves to point out how losing to texASS has not prevented OU from winning Big 12 championships and that is accurate. He has. He also loves to point out how many Big 12 championships he has won after losing the national championship game. What's wrong with saying: Beating texASS is a BIG deal; winning the Big 12 championship is a BIGGER deal; and finally, winning the national championship is the BIGGEST deal of  all.

I'm not asking for Bob to be fired. I'm not asking for any assistant coaches to be fired (yet). What I am asking for is an attitude adjustment.


Thank you for indulging me.

FanPost are for the voice of the fan and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Crimson and Cream Machine administrators.

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