Just When You Thought All the Alignment Drama was Done

So you thought the Longhorn Conference was a done deal, rumors now have Okla. St. and Texas Tech balking at the deal and looking to joint the Mountain West with Houston or joining the Pac-10 with out it's University of Texas overlord.

Word accredited to be coming out of UNew Mexico that the commissioner of the MWC, Craig Thompson, has been calling MWC schools asking if they’d agree to do this: Get OSU and Tech

Now, you might be saying WHAAAA??!?!?!?  Why would they want out when they were just saved by the mighty and gracious overlord, the University of Texas.

Some news is coming out that might not make this Longhorn Conference seem like a one for all and all for one fraternity of equals. 

Part of the deal has to do with the money from Nebraska and Colorado leaving. A deal was reached on splitting those exit fees on Monday and here it is:  $20 million total or $10m each from NU and CU, split 10 ways = $2m per share. TT and OK St get their $2m each. KS, KSU, ISU, MO, and Bay each offered their $2m to TX, OU, and aTm as incentive to stay in the conference. So $10m/3 ways = $3.3m. $3.3 + $2m = $5.3m per school for TX, OU, aTm. 

Sound like a health conference yet?

Now word is coming out about the TV deal.  It's Fox AND ESPN.  The promise is for OU, Texas and A&M to be guaranteed $20 million dollars a year, with the rest of the TV money to be divided up among the other 7 schools.  Total amount is not yet know, but Fox said they would increase their contract by 500%.

Many of the Sooner fans, have really been upset that Oklahoma, seemed to roll over to the great University of Texas wishes, but it looks like we are also getting beneficial treatment for our cooperation.   But the other schools seem to balking, and well they should at being second class members in their own conference.  Part of being in a conference is to help each member, not to be "programming" for a select few schools.

Source:  Jim Bob Breazeale from San Antonio The Ticket 760

TT & Okie St likely just throwing a fit. They want a better deal. Pac-10 is pissed at UT, but not enough to take TT/OSU in spite

It looks as though Okie St has joined Texas Tech in refusing to sign the new Big 12 deal because of unequal revenue sharing.

  This is just breaking.  It could also...just be an internet rumor that's not worth the bandwidth it's taking up.

Update: 2:30pm Central  OSU AD Holder, gives presser confirming OSU's commitment to the Longhorn Conference...while news is breaking OSU is balking.

UPDATE:  4pm Central Chris Level of

@ChrisLevel: "It's over, Texas Tech is a proud member of the Big 12. They will work to make it better for them though."


Gerald Myers says every school in the league will average 17 million over the next five to six years.

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