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I would enjoy comments relevant to the "state" of officiating. IMO it is unbelievably BAD. Where do they get these people? How do they "earn" the right to call the games, especially in the NCAA tournament? If they are the "best of the best" then this game is in DEEP trouble.

I thought that referee's were supposed to be objective, impartial, and apply the rules of the game to both teams.

Can anyone explain the "unwritten" rule that "the home team gets the calls"; "stars get the calls"; or why, at the end of the game, "the refs swallow the whistle" and let the players decide the outcome"? Why not let the players decide the outcome for the WHOLE game. The best officiating anyone can ever hope for is when, at the end of the game, you realize that the players decided the outcome, and not the officials.

It doesn't make sense to me that bodies can "fly" under the boards during a rebound and there is no call, but when there is a "touch" on the perimeter, the whistle blows. Players dive on the floor going for a loose ball and no foul is called, but let a player "bump" another one on a drive to the basket and "tweet, FOUL. Totally inconsistent.

Players can adjust to how a game is being called, all they need (my self included) is consistency. That is not happening. The officiating  fluctuates so much during a game, players have no idea what to expect, except the unexpected when they least expect it.

How can coaches and players be required to do post-game interviews and NOT the officials? Coaches are fined and/or sanctioned when they comment on bad officiating. If the NCAA is truly concerned with the integrity of their game(s), and that's a subject for another discussion, then referee's should be held accountable for the calls they make during a game.

Officials stop the game all the time to check the shot clock. Why can't the same thing happen when a controversial call is made? And no, that does not mean every time the whistle is blown, but there are obvious questionable calls in every game. I thought the point was to "get it right". I have seen an official "over rule" the call of another official enough times to know it is possible.

Is officiating easy? NO, but this has been pathetic. Argue if you want, but IMO it is easier to officiate a women's game because they are generally not as big, not as fast, and they are usually not as physical as the men. When is the last time you saw a guy help his opponent off the floor after a foul? Happens a lot in the women's game. It is extremely rare for someone pull a Griner in the women's game. It may not be in the future, if the officiating doesn't improve. Women can become just a frustrated as men, especially when trying to figure out how a game is going to be called.

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