Color Me Paranoid

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I don't know how to say what I need to say without sounding like the whining wimps that exist south of the Red River. Finally realizing that was impossible, I have decided to just suck it up, forge ahead, and suffer the consequences.

Watching the last two days of the NFL draft has forced me to post what I have been feeling for a LONG time. Say what you want, but my eyes don't lie and my ears don't lie.

E     mphasizing

S     ooner

P     player(s)

N    neglect

The bias of this network is beyond belief. I have no idea what they have against the University of Oklahoma and it's athletic programs and athletes. I have reached the point where I don't care. Problem is, I a sports-a-holic, and essentially have no other choice when it comes to getting my sports-fix. If anyone has an alternative, PLEASE comment so I can rid my life of the horror show that is SportsCenter.

To the best of my knowledge, for the FIRST time in the history of the modern-day draft, the University of Oklahoma had THREE of the first four picks in the NFL draft. IMO that's a big damn deal. Have any of you heard a report regarding that historical event? Not me. I expect it would have been a lead-in to their coverage if it had happened to the University of FloriDUH. How bout the University of TexASS?

The Big 12 conference produced FIVE of the top six picks in the current NFL draft? Did the network mention that? Would they have "mentioned" that fact if it had been their beloved SEC? Where the hell is Dan Beebe? Isn't at least part of his job to promote the BIG 12, especially when it excels?

Did I miss the interview with Sam Bradford after he was the #1 selection of the draft? I know I didn't miss the interview with the "chosen one" when he was drafted #25 by Denver.  Their coverage seemed to me like the Tim Tebow show. This network announced that he was the "greatest college football player of all time" and does not miss an opportunity to put him on the air. Will it never end?

The lead into SportsCenter on Friday was not about the #1 pick in the draft. No, it was about the #25 pick. They are just a joke to me. Boys, your bias is showing.

The final straw for me happened last night, and is ultimately what prompted me to vent.  When the King of Whine announced the #85 pick of the NFL draft, by the Cleveland Browns, was Colt McCoy, I threw up in my mouth. Thank God Bob Stoops has more class than Mack.

I'm am open to suggestions. I have contacted the network through their website and receive the standard automated "reply".  I am not deterred. I find myself e-mailing them almost daily. Again, if you have a better suggestion, I welcome it.

I am willing to accept the pub related to indiscretions by OU athletes, and they are quickly and loudly reported by those hypocrites in Bristol. All I ask is the same type of coverage when good things happen, like this years NFL draft.

Whew, I feel better.

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