Draft Results for the Red/White Game

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"I told my offense, score seven, and we’ll call it a game," said (Travis) Lewis. "I asked coach Stoops, what time the training room would be open Sunday, because the red team is going to need it."

Thanks for the update, Jake Trotter.  Lewis was the white team's first pick (second overall) in the Seniors' defensive draft.  

It's off-season and I'm hyper-analyzing everything on  The Seniors picked their teams for this Saturday's Red/White game, and you can find the lineups here.  

The teams first drafted offensive players, then moved on to defense.  There was no struggle to choose between potential All-Americans Travis Lewis and Ryan Broyles.  Underclassmen were apparently absent during the draft.  

Check out how the teams drafted after the jump.

First, the coaches divided Seniors between the two teams: 

White team: OG Tavaris Jeffries, WR Cameron Kenney, DE Jeremy Beal, DB Quinton Carter, Demarco Murray returning punts

Red team: OT Cory Brandon, OL Brian Lepak, RB Mossis Madu, FB Brandon Crow, WR Brandon Caleb, DB Jonathan Nelson




1st/White: Landry Jones (QB)

2nd/Red: Ryan Broyles (WR)

3rd/White: Donald Stephenson (LT)

4th/Red: Jarvis Jones (OL)

5th: Dejuan Miller (WR)

6th: James Hanna (TE)

7th: Kenny Stills (WR)

8th: Drew Allen (QB)

9th: Ben Habern (C)

10th: Gabe Ikard (OL/TE/ the next Brody Eldridge?)

11: Trent Ratterree (TE)

12th: Dominique Whaley (RB)

13th: Jermie Calhoun (RB)

14th: Tyler Evans (OG)

15th: Jaz Reynolds (WR)

16th: Stephen Good (OL)

It was hard to follow after a while.  I heard Lane Johnson and Bronson Irwin, but I'm not sure where they were chosen.

First, WHO IS DOMINIQUE WHALEY?? The 12th pick is nowhere to be found on the Sooners' online roster.  This from Trotter:

Perhaps the surprise arrival this spring has come from running back Dominique Whaley. The walk-on who came to OU from Lawton Mac via Langston College was actually the first running back taken in the draft (though Mossis Madu wasn’t eligible as a senior, and Jermie Calhoun has been banged up). Still Whaley has shown capable of making plays and has made a name for himself among his defensive teammates.

"He was MVP of the second scrimmage," Stoops said. "He’ll have a hard time beating those other guys out, but he’s doing a good job."

Maybe we can assume true freshman Kenny Stills has made decent progress this spring.  It's also a good sign to see highly-touted left tackle Donald Stephenson taken off the board early.  For those of you who hoping one of Stoops' scholarship players will pass walk-on TE Trent Ratterree on the depth chart, James Hanna may be on the right track.  Although I won't be able to make the flight from Russia for the game, I would really like to see how Jermie Calhoun is playing.  



1st/Red: Frank Alexander (DE)

2nd/White: Travis Lewis (LB)

3rd/Red: Tom Wort (LB)

4th/White: Casey Walker (DT)

5th: Stacy McGee (DT)

6th: Jamell Fleming (DB)

7th: Jamarkus McFarland (DT)

8th: RJ Washington (DE)

9th: Demontre Hurst (DB)

10th: Ronnell Lewis (LB)

Marcus Trice and Tony Jefferson also went off the board pretty quickly.  

Some good signs here.  First, I am *thrilled* to think that Alexander is regaining his form.  I initially thought Sooner fans were being too optimistic about a "devastating Beal/Alexander pass rush."  

Second, I expect the LB corps to be one of the best units on the team.  During the third pick, some members of the red team were shouting "Ronnell!" but ultimately chose Tom Wort.  Wort had the edge over Ronnell Lewis before the 2009 season, and may still have the higher football IQ after spending extra time in the film room because of an injury.  They are one of the deepest units on the team, which is why a couple DBs slipped in before Ronnell.  Q Carter was pushing for his team to draft DBs.  

Will there be quite a bit of controversy if the White team loses?  They have Landry Jones at the helm, Jeremy Beal and RJ Washington bringing the pass rush, Q Carter laying on the wood, Trash-Talkin' Travis Lewis, AND The Hammer.  But Ryan Broyles is head and shoulders above anyone on the white team's WR corps.  

Thoughts?  Will you be cheering for one team over the other on Saturday?

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