Combine update

Not sure much the rest of you are paying attention to the combine, but I always find myself rooting really hard for the OU guys to do well.  There's a lot of money at stake for these kids and the combine is obviously a place where you can help your draft stock or hurt it.  Well today was the workouts for the OL/TE and one former Sooner has had a very, very good day.

Former Sooner OL Trent Williams has arguably been the top OL at the combine today.  I can remember many a time the OU coaches professing his excellent athletic ability so I expected him to impress the scouts today.  He's currently listed as the #4 tackle and is just on the fringe of being a very high first round draft pick.  Well, he did himself a big time favor today by showing everyone in attendance just how good of an athlete he is and how good of an investment he will be for one very fortunate NFL team.  Trent was one of only two linemen to break the five second mark in the 40 yard dash.  He posted the second fastest time at 4.88.  Not to shabby for a guy who measured in at 6'5" 315.  He has also done very well in the other events routinely finishing in the top five.  He has been constantly praised for this athleticism by the NFL Network announcers throughout their coverage today.

On the opposite side of things Jermaine Gresham and to a somewhat lesser extent Brody Eldridge have not necessarily helped themselves today.  Brody didn't run the 40 and unfortunately appeared to tweak his hammy later in the day.  As we've come to learn about Brody he's not quitter so despite the apparent injury he continued gutting out some of the pass catching drills.  This guy is just a player and showed a lot of heart all year and especially today by not dropping out after hurting his leg.  

Gresham did run the 40 and did not do as well as he had hoped.  He had hoped to be in the low 4.7 if not 4.6 range and his best time wound up being 4.76 so he will surely look to improve on that between now and the OU pro day.  He also struggled at times in the pass catching drills.  He had several drops in the first drill, but recovered well in the later drills and seemed to calm down and pretty much caught everything the rest of the way.  The upside was the other two TEs who were considered to be in contention with Gresham for the #1 TE in the draft didn't participate so that can only help Jermaine. 

One more side note, Russell Okung the OSU lineman appeared to hurt his leg early and understandably didn't participate the rest of the day.  Just a little info for you football junkies out there like myself.

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