A Who Done It Novel: Why are we playing UConn???

 From the message boards on several different sports sites, I keep hearing the typical "we got screwed" from certain OU fans. So I decided to figure out exactly who "screwed" us. After much deliberation, I compiled a list of suspects...

Suspect #1: The BCS System- Well first of all, I think it’s very contradicting for OU fans to be openly critical of a system that has favored us more than any other program. For those who don't know, we have been ranked #1, in the BCS poll, more than any other school. And how could we ever forget that the "BCS system" put us in the championship game in 2003 even though we got kicked, by K-State, in our conference championship game. How many Sooner fans complained about that? Not me!

Suspect #2: The Big East (AKA Big Least) - The argument here is that the Big East doesn't deserve their AQ status because they just aren't that good. Well... they haven’t appeared to be really good this year, but they do have some traditionally good schools: West Virginia, Pitt, Syracuse, Louisville, and now TCU. I personally do believe that they do deserve to keep their AQ status. As evidence, need I mention what West Virginia did to a very good OU team in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl? Or how about this season when Cincinnati played us until the last minute at Paul Brown Stadium? I think the Big East certainly has some respectable teams, and adding TCU strengthens their case.

Suspect #3: UConn- I would hope that nobody is blaming UConn for taking care of business in their conference. In fact, not many people have mentioned that this is actually a "feel good" story. Remember last year when Jasper Howard, a UConn football player, got stabbed and killed? That was pretty sad, and the team used that as motivation to play hard the following three games... unfortunately they fell short in all three. But they have bounced back nicely, needless to say.

Suspect(s) #4- The Sugar, Orange, and Fiesta Bowls- I certainly don't blame the Sugar Bowl, or the Orange Bowl, for not taking UConn. If I had anything to do with their selection committee, and wanted to stay employed, there is no way I would have picked them either. And as we all know, the Fiesta Bowl was forced to take them. This is because they have the championship game... having the last pick, they couldn't ignore UConn's AQ status. I'm sure they would have loved to take Boise State instead.

Well apparently it's none of the suspects I mentioned above, so… O wait,,. BREAKING NEWS: We now have a 5th suspect...

Suspect #5 An Inconsistent OU team - Well... suspect #5 reared its ugly head in Columbia, Missouri and College Station, Texas... but for some reason, never showed up in Norman. I can almost promise you that had we taken care of business on the road, we would be playing in the NC game. As with everything else college football related, if you lose a game, you don't control your own destiny. So here we are against UConn instead of playing in the other game happening in Glendale.

In the end, I'm not bitter. I'm actually just glad to be in a BCS game. Yeah... so it's UConn. But more importantly, we took care of business down the stretch to get to this point. We could have lost the Big 12 title game and been playing Washington in the Holiday Bowl. Or we could have lost to OkState and not been the team to send Nebraska packing. We should just be proud because I am certain that Nebraska, OkState, or Texas A&M would love to be where we are right now.

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