Oklahoma's Bowling Prospects: Taco's in Tempe?

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The Sooners face Oklahoma St. this week, that we know.  The out come we don't, but it will certainly effect where the Sooners are heading for their bowl game.  Things are clearing up a little for the Big 12 bowl picture.  Let's take a look at what we know.

The Big 12 has contracts this year for 8 Bowl slots.  Right now there are 8 teams bowl eligible. If Colorado can pull the upset in Lincoln this Friday they will become #9. Also if Texas can be Texas A&M they too could be bowl eligible. 

That means the Big 12 could have 10 teams bowl eligible, but with only 8 contracted slots.  That doesn't mean those teams won't go bowling. In fact this year we have 35 (count em!) 35 bowl games which means 70 of the 120 FBS schools will be going bowling.  Several conferences will not have enough eligible teams, so there will be some bowls needing to fill slots from other conferences.  (on a side note, the NCAA has allowed for this year a waiver of the 6 win requirement in case there are not 70 teams qualifying for bowls)

But this article isn't about the Big's about OU's Bowl Prospects

Here are the Big 12's selection order of their Bowl's:

BCS - Tostitos Fiesta
AT&T Cotton (SEC)
Valero Alamo (Pac-10)
Insight Copper (Big Ten)
Bridgepoint Holiday (Pac-10)
Texas (Big Ten)
New Era Pinstripe (Big East)
TicketCity Bowl (Big Ten/ACC)

Let's assume 2 things to make this picture a little less confusing.  Let us assume Texas A&M wins and Nebraska beats Colorado. 

If OU beats Oklahoma St, the Sooners are heading to the Big 12 Championship.  If the Sooners win there, OU is heading to the Fiesta Bowl.  If they lose in the Big 12 Championship, I would think OU is heading to the Cotton Bowl, as they haven't been there in several years.

A Sooner loss this weekend or in the Big 12 Championship gives OU 3 losses on the season.  That would allow the bowls to look at teams with a better record or another 3 loss team. OSU would only have 2 losses if they lost to OU this weekend.

Oklahoma's Bowl Picture:

Fiesta Bowl:  OU Wins's automatic

Cotton Bowl: OU beats OSU, But loses to Nebraska (OSU could get picked here as well ...but they were just here last year and OU hasn't been in several years, making OU too nice of a pick)

Alamo Bowl:  This is where it get's trickier.  If OU loses this week to OSU, OU will have one more loss than Missouri and they will have the same record as Texas A&M (assuming they both win).  I've heard many rumors that the Alamo Bowl would take OU to play Arizona here.  If OU does lose to OSU the Alamo Bowl SHOULD if picking in order take Missouri. A&M fans however, are lobbying hard for this one.

Insight Bowl:   If OU loses to OSU and the Alamo Bowl picks Missouri (or even Texas A&M) OU will be picked by the Insight Bowl.  Period.  Why?  OU travels better than Missouri and Texas A&M, even to these middle of the pack bowls.  This one would be OU vs Penn St. if the Insight (formerly known as the Copper Bowl) had it's wishes.

Holiday Bowl:  OU COULD wind up here, but I doubt they fall past the Insight Bowl.  But in pure order of finishes, this would be OU's slot. Everything I've read online has Texas A&M here against either Cal or Arizona.  Holiday would love OU vs Arizona as would the Alamo Bowl (who picks first)


Fiesta Bowl: OKLAHOMA VS PITT (sue me I'm a homer, but has the same prediction)




For complete listing of the Big 12's Bowl Schedule Go HERE

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