Coaches Coach and Players Play

There has been an uproar this season, especially when OU loses a road game, as to who is at fault. Obviously it's the players fault because players play.  What's interesting to me is that critics have no problem blaming a professional "player" when things go wrong, but somehow are reluctant to blame a college "player". I can only imagine it is because a professional is making millions of dollars and college players are only getting a college education. That is why I am on the side of the college player.

None of us has seen Bob Stoops throw an interception, Kevin Wilson fumble the ball, or Brent Venables miss a tackle. What we have seen is those three plus the remainder of the current coaching staff do worse.

Who decides what players are offered a scholarship? is it the current players or the coaching staff?

Who evaluates the talent once the player is on campus? the current players or the coaching staff?

Who decides which player(s) is on the field at a given time? the current players or the coaching staff?

Who calls the offensive/defensive plays? the current players or the coaching staff?

The only area of all the above, where the players are responsible, is EXECUTION.

Coaches should NEVER expect a player to do something they are incapable of doing. Example, Venables expecting any linebacker to cover a wide receiver, let alone a tight end.

I believe the fact that there are so many freshmen currently playing, and playing exceptionally well, is more of a problem than most. What that says to me is that the coaching staff has made SERIOUS mistakes in recruiting the past 2-3 years. 

I think it's pretty much a given that Stoops rarely plays a true freshman. Hell, he didn't even play Gerald McCoy as a true freshman. Supposedly their offensive and defensive schemes are so complex that it takes at least two years for a freshman to ensure his "trust" and be allowed to play. This group of freshmen must be beyond the pale if they're being allowed to play, OR he is admitting that his staff misjudged the talent they recruited previously.

I have always taken pride in the fact that OU seems to fall short in the recruiting "race" when it comes to signing 5-star recruits. The coaching staff was able to take 3-star recruits, and by the time they left Norman, they had become 5-star players. This is where my concern lies. Has the coaching staff lost the ability to do that? IMO that is what happened the last couple of years.

I don't think anyone wants to see Murray on the bench so Finch can play more. I want to see BOTH on the field at the same time and I know Wilson is capable of calling plays that will let that happen.

Players suffer consequences when they drop a pass, fumble the ball, or spike the ball between their legs after scoring a touchdown. That consequence is ASS ON BENCH. What are the consequences for this coaching staff. Personally I'm tired of hearing a coach say "I need to do a better job or this is on me" 

Give the players a chance to be successful by putting them in position to make plays they are capable of making or calling plays the players are capable of executing. Seems to me that would solve the problem of loses on the road.

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