Oklahoma Vs. Missouri Offensive Review - Reliving The Frustration

Gaining over 400 yards and scoring 27 points wasn't anywhere near enough offense for Oklahoma on Saturday night against a Missouri team that was wired from start to finish. There are plenty of places to point a finger and cast blame for Oklahoma's nine point loss in Columbia. Special teams were atrocious, defensive tackles couldn't fill gaps and Travis Lewis still isn't covering his man. Then there's was the hit and miss offense that left points on the field by choosing the absolute worst times to turn the ball over among other things.

The game couldn't have gotten off to a worse start with Missouri running the opening kickoff back for a touchdown but then the offense started with a three and out but was fortunately bailed out when Carl Gettis fumbled the punt. The ultimate result of that drive was a 27-yard touchdown pass from Landry Jones to Kenny Stills but frustration was just about to get started. 

After swapping punts a few times, Oklahoma found themselves knocking on the door with a first and ten at the Missouri 12. That's when 'Bad Landry" appeared in the game for the first time and he threw the ball right to Missouri defensive end Aldon Smith like he was supposed to be the one to catch the screen pass. It wasn't the only time Jones would stare down his man and throw the ball with what seemed to be the entire defense closing in on the target. It also wouldn't be the only time Jones would give it away either. I realize that he's only a sophomore and no one has given him more credit than me over the last two seasons but at what point does this kid start getting his act together when he's under pressure?

Another frustration is Mossis Madu. Is the coaching staff just loyal because he's a senior? Two weeks in a row now he's given up the ball and to be honest, with the Roy Finch on the scene now, I don't understand why he's on the field. Landry's interception turned into 7 Missouri points and the Oklahoma followed that up with Madu's fumble on the next possession when the Sooners were driving again. This time the turnover came at the Missouri 14. 

Oklahoma had five first half possessions. On four of those possessions they got within scoring range and turned it over on two of those occasions. The Sooners were down three at the half and had squandered two Red Zone opportunities! You'd think that if they could just protect the ball then they'd have a significant chance of putting points on the board in the second half, right? Wrong! 

OU had eight second half possessions (not counting the final play) and of those only two were longer than three plays. Of the others, four were three and out and two were just 1 play drives. Granted one of them was a touchdown! 

Third down was also horrible for Oklahoma. The Sooners were a paltry 4-12 on third down. Unfortunately as we look back on this game the phrase, "wasted opportunity" comes to mind when describing the offensive performance. That's not to say that all was bad though because there were some very bright spots on a bad night.  

Ryan Broyles - 13.9 yards per reception/ 111 receiving yards

Kenny Stills - 9.2 yards per reception/ 55 receiving yards/ 1 touchdown

Roy Finch - 6.6 yards per carry (Why didn't he get more than 9 carries?)

Trey Millard - 18.5 yards per reception. 

Those bright spots were subsequently dimmed by unfortunate turnovers and bad decisions. 

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