OU 64 – Idaho State 0: Post Game Thoughts

Well that was easy. Of course when you consider the competition it should have been easy. The question is, did you get to see what you expected in this blowout? For me it's a situation where some things I wanted to see didn't show up in the game while there were some other things that surprised me. Here are a few game thoughts and as always we'd love to hear yours.

The Good

  • No misfires on the offensive line. We knew that we wouldn't be able to put very much stock in the physical aspects of Oklahoma's victory but improvement in the mental stage of the game was a necessity. We saw that tonight and there is clearly still an open competition for spots on the line.
  • Ryan Broyles emerged with a star performance. He caught 7 passes for 155 yards and 3 touchdowns.
  • Landry Jones threw some really good passes. His throws on Ryan Broyles' first and third touchdowns were spot on. When you consider the elements of a driving rain storm the Jones' 18/32 for 286 yards and 3 scores is even more impressive.
  • DeMarco Murray was fast and the rushing attack was strong. Murray cracked the century mark in rushing yards for the first time this season and averaged 8.4 yards per carry. Chris Brown averaged 5.9 yards per carry and in garbage time Jonathan Miller carried the ball 9 times for 88 yards (9.8 YPC).


The Bad

  • Shut down by an Idaho State goal line stand. Regardless of who is on the field for Oklahoma's offensive line, in that situation you have to be Oklahoma and they have to be Idaho State. In OU's last three games (Idaho State, BYU, Florida) they've been shut down at the goal line
  • Oklahoma doesn't appear to have a second option at receiver. Drops by Brandon Caleb, Dejuan Miller and Cameron Kenny prevented another receiver from stepping up to complement Broyles' performance.  
  • Landry Jones threw some really bad passes. Keeping in mind that he's a redshirt freshman making his first start but there were several times in which it appeared that he wasn't reading through his progressions and while he threw only one interception there were certainly opportunities for others.
  • Missed extra point! Really? Like this team doesn't already have enough to worry about.

Still Wondering

  • Where was Adron Tennell? He's clearly being punished for not stepping up last week. Tennell finally made it into the game late in the garbage time stage.
  • Where was Jameel Owens? Not only was he not on the field, he wasn't even in uniform.
  • Redshirt for Drew Allen? John Nimmo came in for Landry Jones late in the game. My assumption is that if we didn't see Allen in this game then we aren't going to see him at all this season.
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