Adding Fuel To The Fire

          As if any fuel needed to be added to the fire that is the rivalry of Texas and Oklahoma football. This year somehow it has managed to grow to astronomical proportions. The competition in 2008 apparently was far from over after Texas walked off the field 45-35 winners over Oklahoma on the 11th of October. Little did we know that a Texas loss at Texas Tech on a last second heave, and a Oklahoma beat down when hosting the Red Raiders, would leave us back where we were in the first place, all tied up.

Since there was a 3way tie atop the Big 12 South standings the tie breaking procedure states that the team ranked highest in the BCS standings will represent the Big 12 South in the conference championship game. Unfortunately for Texas, Oklahoma is that team. And this has Texas fans fuming, well deservedly. I understand that it’s a 3 way tie, but when u compare the three teams and their resumes Texas Tech ranks 3rd of the 3 in just about every comparison in my opinion. So in this rare case I feel that it is doable to push the third team out of the equation for this reason and compare just the 2 of Texas and Oklahoma. And these two teams come out level in comparisons, but when the head to head comes into effect, Texas is the winner. So what a surprise the BCS is responsible for yet another mishap for the ages. Who would have ever guessed that the BCS, such a great successful system would foul up yet another great season of College Football. It just makes me sick to sit here and have to watch it happen year after year. There is no more discussions needed about how a playoff is the only way to solve this fault of college football. Until the high ups figure a way to create a way to satisfy the bowls and conferences, while creating a playoff format, college football will continue to be tainted.

As if all this wasn’t enough, now even the Heisman Trophy is going to be a battle between the two quarterbacks from Oklahoma and Texas. The clear 1-2 in the final Heisman Trophy voting will be Colt McCoy and Sam Bradford. The question is in what order will they conclude. When comparing the statistics you really have to search for flaws and any differences in the totals. Bradford has out passed McCoy in the 12 games by about 600 yards, but Colt makes up for that difference by out rushing Bradford by 500 yards and having a better completion percentage also as Colt boasts a 77% to Bradford’s 67%. Bradford has produced 51 total tds and 6 ints, to McCoy’s 42 tds to 7 ints.

It just seems to me that Colt was much more hands on in the success of his Texas team then Bradford was for Oklahoma. Not to take anything away from the great Sam Bradford as he has all the tools and has had one hell of a season. But it all my watching it just seems to me that Colt McCoy has created more the big plays for Texas, in comparison to Bradford who seems to just be a part of all the big plays for the impressive spread offense that is Oklahoma. Colt also managed to lead his team in rushing and doesn’t have the running back success Bradford is blessed with, with the Sooners. In addition to that, the fact that Texas took down Oklahoma is another key point to the scoring in favor of McCoy.

The fact that Tim Tebow has now entered this race with more support then he should have right now scares me a little because with a big showing on Saturday in the SEC Championship Game he would then have a full head of steam heading into the December 13th presentation, and his statistics in no way belong in the discussion and comparison of McCoy’s and Bradford’s this year. No disrespect to Tebow who is a great college quarterback and an even better man off the football field. Bradford will also hold a huge advantage over McCoy if he impresses in the Big 12 Championship game, because that’s an extra showcase game that will leave a fresh taste in the mind of voters, and Colt wont have an attempt to match or outplay that performance.

So in the end Oklahoma and Texas are going to hate each other more then ever in the next month, but I see one of them ending happy with a national title and a Heisman winner added to their resume.

            Peter Lomuscio

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